If you want to dodge in "God of War: Ascension," you'll have to flick the right analog stick as in previous entries in the series. I'm not sure why I thought that would change with the latest--although chronologically first--in Kratos' saga of revenge and making a graveyard of Olympus. "God of War" and its sequels have been so influential and vital to the character action game, it's hard to imagine the way the series handles making any kind of leaps and bounds in a new direction.

And yet, here we are, three years after "God of War III," and Kratos still has that ungainly, rolling dodge (even as Sony Santa Monica promises that they've worked in new animations to reflect a younger, more limber version of the character). My hands-on time with "God of War: Ascension" was disappointing because it felt like I was playing a bad game, it just felt like the roll-light-heavy attack combo was the same as it ever was in a series that really needs to start coming up with new ideas (and not just new set pieces).


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