While this week only has a couple of really big releases with 2K Games' shooter, Spec Ops: The Line along with the multiplatform release of The Amazing Spider-Man, for some gamers, this might be overshadowed by today's Dawnguard expansion for Skyrim as well as the "Extended Cut" for the Mass Effect 3 ending. How many of you will be revisiting these games that have a couple of months on them at this point?

Personally, I'm happy to have an excuse to mess around in Skyrim for another few compulsive hours of questing, murdering, and looting. As for Mass Effect 3: I played the game and I got an ending. I may not have been overwhelmed with it, but in as much as I had "big questions" about the series, BioWare provided answers. Did they reflect all of my choices in the game in a 1:1 manner? No, but when do these things ever? Nonetheless, I will do my due diligence and check it out.

Hit the jump for a couple of this week's other notable releases.

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