Most of you are probably still playing Mass Effect 3 on your game machine of choice, but just in case you've finished it (or simply in need of a break from saving the known universe), a couple of smaller releases are out this week to tide you over.

Find out what you can be playing this week after the jump.

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What happens when a bunch of designers from around the world get to show off some of their new, innovative, or just out there ideas at GDC 2012 on the same stage where Flow and Katamari Damacy made their debuts?

Hit the jump to find out.

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"Flower," the game that reminded Guillermo De Toro of 'haiku poetry' struck a similar chord with Game Developer's Choice Awards judges in San Francisco. That Game Company took home a win in the "Best Downloadable" category this year for their effort on the PlayStation 3. Asked if they would have a game in the running for 2011, though, the creators didn't sound like they want to make any promises.


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