If you been waiting for something new to add to your imaginative adventures in Scribblenauts Remix you're in luck. To celebrate over 1 million downloads on iOS a free Valentine's Day update has been released featuring some lovey-dovey additions. Read More...

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Scribblenauts goes voice-activated on the iPhone 4S.

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The iOS release replicates the DS experience while adding a slew of levels and some nice bumps in the visuals.

I got the chance to tool around for a few hours with developer Iron Galaxy's port of the critical darling of the DS, Scribblenauts, released by WB Interactive. In lieu of a full review, I thought I'd run through some of my impressions of this text-based puzzler, but to keep a long impression piece short, if you liked Scribblenauts or were ever just curious about it in the past, you could do a lot worse than to download this really terrific-looking game.

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"Scribblenauts" and its follow-up game, "Super Scribblenauts," are two of my favorite Nintendo DS titles. Yes, they're incredibly simple and the novelty tends to wear thin after a few hours – less so with the sequel – but they're also wonderfully imaginative, fresh ideas. The concept of simply typing in almost any word and watching it materialize on the game screen is mind-boggling, with the game's internal vocabulary somehow rising to insane levels with the release of the second game. Like anyone who's a fan of the franchise, I'm excited to see what developer 5TH Cell has up their sleeve, and according to a recent domain registration, we may soon find out.


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