Pikmin 3

The "Pikmin" franchise is one of Nintendo's most oddball series, with gameplay that's unlike anything else that company, or any other company for that matter, creates. Playing "Pikmin" offers gamers the wholly unique experience of controlling large groups of tiny creatures that do your bidding for you. However, there hasn't been a fresh "Pikmin" game since the release of "Pikmin 2" on the GameCube back in 2004, so, when Nintendo announced a new entry into the series it's fair to say that gamers got excited. That reveal was at E3 in 2008, and the game was supposed to be on the Wii... then it was supposed to be a Wii U launch title. Five years after its initial announcement, "Pikmin 3" has finally been released, and even with development delays and a change of platform, it's fair to say that the wait was worth it.

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Yesterday was the long awaited release of "Pikmin 3," so what better time is there to look back at the franchise? But instead of checking its Wikipedia page, here's a better suggestion: Did You Know Gaming's latest clip, which coincidentally enough, is all about Pikmin.

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What does the future holds for video games? It's one of the most important questions of our time, so we asked one of gaming's greatest minds, Shigeru Miyamoto, and he thinks it's connectivity. "Evolving beyond being the experience that simply comes in the package, and becoming something that becomes more a part of lifestyle through connections to the network."

In a recent interview where Mr. Miyamoto also told us his thoughts on "Hyrule Historia," noted some of his favorite Famicom games, and spoke at length about Luigi, he gave us some insight into the thinking behind where some of Nintendo games are headed in the near future.

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Nintendo Land

It's undeniable that Nintendo are game console innovators – they have been doing it since the early 1980s, having incrementally pushed gaming forward more than any other company, ever. Now, almost thirty years after the release of their first console, the Nitnendo Entertainment System, they are doing it again with the Wii U. For better or worse, Nintendo are launching an all-new system, with an all-new control scheme, and creating all new ways to play. However, there's always one catch to any kind of innovation that people don't talk about: you have to explain it to people. For Nintendo, the last time they had to sell people on a new concept, motion controlled gaming, they had Wii Sports to help people get up off their couches and play tennis in their living rooms. This time around, Nintendo is using Nintendo Land to demonstrate all the different ways you can use the Wii U's GamePad to play, and doing so with a hearty helping of nostalgia.

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