First they were going to remake it. Now developer Oddworld Inhabitants is "rebooting" the PS1 classic.

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Abe HD

The saga of Lorne Lanning's "Oddworld" series is a long one, filled with disappointment and heartache. It was exciting in 1997 when "Oddworld: Abe's Oddyssee" arrived as the first in a planned quintology. Five games! Who had ever heard of such a thing? Not only did this innovative little platformer play well, it was also a beautiful release for the time, with a rich, wonderfully realized world and lush audio design. Several releases followed, though eventually Lanning's grand design for a quintology fell apart, leaving fans to wonder forevermore what would become of Oddworld and its odd inhabitants.

We may never know the answer, but we'll get to join Abe on his original journey again very soon thanks to an in-development HD remake of "Oddysee."


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