New cars, challenges, and a whole airport section are available now for the Criterion-developed racer.


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For the sheer sense of speed, scale, danger, and ambition, I'll hold up Criterion Games' "Burnout Paradise" as the greatest racer of this console generation. With multiple "Burnout" titles under their belts across previous generation consoles and handhelds, Criterion sought to create a seamless, open world racing experience that, though it wasn't without its faults, packed its fictional city to the brim with ramps to jump, racers to challenge, and vehicles to destroy.

Since taking the reins of the "Need For Speed" franchise, they've since folded many of the elements of "Burnout" into EA's street racing games, starting with last year's "Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit." Now they're tacking another named branch of the line, "Most Wanted," by giving it a little bit of that "Burnout Paradise" feeling, setting "Most Wanted" in a new, open city. And for the most part, it feels like a return to form with stellar multiplayer hindered somewhat by a less impressive offline mode focused on collecting and modding vehicles.


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We've got one of the year's bigger games out this week (literally, Assassin's Creed III can only appropriately be called "sprawling") while Criterion makes another go at open world racing games. Plus: puzzles! Plus (also): dinosaurs! You East Coast folks stay safe (you know, on the offhand chance you're reading this right now).


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