Let me reiterate so that your expectations are fully calibrated going in: although it has guns and you shoot enemies repeatedly, Digital Extremes' adaptation of the long-running Top Cow comic The Darkness II is simply not a shooter—or at least, that category is not at all where the game's virtues lie. It has more in common with something like Condemned or The Chronicles of Riddick, and later in this review I'm going to get around to why the shooting doesn't quite work. But the main draw here are the supernatural Darkness powers that give the game its name, and they do work within the context of a visceral, bloody gameplay experience woven through a pretty compelling story.

So what's inside The Darkness? Why does this game which effectively bill itself as an FPS work when the shooting part is pretty busted? Read on and find out.

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Catch up with The Darkness if you're playing the game (or even if you're not) and our friends at Merge Games (The Binding of Isaac) want to give you something.

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