Turning geeky TV shows into 16-bit RPGs is nothing new (check out 16-bit Game of Thrones), but this Super Nintendo-inspired version of "Lost"  created by the team over at College Humor hits the nail right on the head. It's full references from the series, reminding just how great and horrible the show was at the same time. Head past the break to watch the video in all of its glory! Read More...

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Lost for Rock Band

The "Lost" finale has ended. You may have loved it. You may have hated it. But if you feel sentimental for the music of the "Lost" universe, keep an eye on DLC offerings for "Rock Band." Driveshaft's "You All Everybody" and Geronimo Jackon's "Dharma Lady" are both in line for release on the Rock Band Network, according to a report at G4, who says the tracks were briefly visible on on creators.rockband.com, only to vanish mysteriously like a smoke monster into the wind.


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The final season of "Lost" has begun, and they've promised us answers to our most burning questions; just about all of which have to do with "the island." It's a setting that video game fans should be familiar with, as islands have been home for numerous mysterious adventures over the last 30 or so years, and we've gone through and chosen are some of the best to keep you in that "Lost" mood. (Note: You'll notice that "Lost: Via Domus" is nowhere to be found, because no one really considered that the best of anything.)



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