Swedish musician Christian Gabel's Krater soundtrack began as the byproduct of found production art for an unmade 1980's film near his hometown, and ends up being one of the most interestingly textured pieces of music I've had the chance to hear this year. From its fantastic beginnings (and its origins do sound like the work of a wistful fantasy), Gabel's work here conjures up a blasted cityscape from the 80's, dust, leveled buildings, and the yawning chasm of a nuclear weapon's point of impact.

For all that, it's not a heavy, ponderous, or even dark album. Its synth-heavy sounds evoke dark sci-fi, yeah, but through most of the throbbing, rhythmic tracks, there's an accompanying gentle melody which upends the mood. It's the sound of exploration. It's beautiful.

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Christian Gabel: Krater – Background Story from Christian Gabel on Vimeo.

The soundtrack to Fatshark's squad-based RPG is available on iTunes, and it sounds like something I think you guys might like.

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