In the trailer for "Shadow Escaper," its supernatural heroine says that she's on the run from gods. Developer CyberConnect2 is responsible for "Asura's Wrath," which was packed with gods and demigods. Ergo, CyberConnect2 should have made "Shadow Escaper" an "Asura's Wrath" endless runner (don't fuss around with my logic here too much--it's nearly nonexistent).

What the studio has made instead is a game in the "Jetpack Joyride" mold of free-to-play endless runners, with their 3D title using an over-the-shoulder view instead of the traditional 2D perspective.


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Continuing their commitment to global expansion, GREE has teamed up with Vancouver-based mobile developer IUGO to deliver "Knights & Dragons" for iOS. The free-to-play game mixes elements of RPGs and qualities found in the countless city building games populating the App Store. Thankfully, the mixture works well and has kept me pretty entertained over the last couple days. Read More...

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