Poker Night 2
In 2010 Telltale Games did the unthinkable, bringing a handful of random characters together to sit down at the same table, and play some poker. "Poker Night at the Inventory" had players face off against Tycho from Penny Arcade, Max from "Sam & Max," the Heavy Weapons Guy from "Team Fortress 2," and Strong Bad from Homestar Runner, in a PC only, Texas Hold 'Em tournament where poker was only half as interesting as the characters. "Poker Night 2" sends players back to The Inventory, and deals them in for another hand against some huge names from the worlds of video games, cartoons, and movies.

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Now you'll get a chance to set up and run psuedo-sciency traps in your very home as the twice tortured test subject comes to life with a cool, posable figure from NECA.

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