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The animated "Mass Effect: Paragon Lost" will be out later this month on DVD and Blu-ray to provide viewers with a little backstory on the hotheaded James Vega who spends much of "Mass Effect 3" busting Commander Shepherd's chops. But according to "Mass Effect" composers Joshua Mosley and David Kates, there's more to the character than that--something they were able to explore in the soundtrack they put together for the first animated release for the RPG.

Kates is a series veteran, having worked on both the first and second "Mass Effect" games while Mosley--whose work can be found in "Splosion Man"--is new to the franchise. Both men have clear visions about the sounds of the "Mass Effect" universe and spoke answered a few questions for MTV Multiplayer about their work bringing that sound to animation. You can also check out previews from the "Mass Effect: Paragon Lost" soundtrack below.


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[Update: A FUNimation rep has confirmed that Freddie Prinze Jr. will be reprising his role as Vega in Paragon Lost.]

Ever want to know more about the tatted-up space Marine James Vega and his life before joining the Normandy crew? On November 13th, the Mass Effect 3 prequel anime hits DVD and Blu-ray from FUNimation from animation studio Production IG.

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[Update: in the original version of this story, I stated that voice actress Brina Palencia's character was the Divine Cleric, when in fact she was the Grand Cleric. The former was played by Pam Dougherty and this has been reflected in the review. In spite of the negative review, Ms. Palencia was a class act and kind enough to provide a clarification regarding my error.]

When it comes to talking about fan's attachment to BioWare's extended universes, it's tough to talk about Dragon Age without at least thinking about the RPG developer's other major IP, Mass Effect. It's clear that the latter has a dedicated and often vocal fanbase with a great deal of attachment to Shepard's journey aboard the Normandy these past few years. At the same time, it's hard to imagine (or find) the same kind of obsessive clamor for the studio's dark fantasy RPG series.

Nevertheless, here we are talking about an animated expansion of the Dragon Age universe in Dawn of the Seeker. And while there's some nice technical gloss on this CG feature from director Vexille director Fumihiko Sori, this 90-minute film fails to make a convincing case for why one should care about BioWare's fantasy IP.

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The Dawn of the Seeker anime will be hitting select screens across the U.S. (and one in Canada) on May 24th before the movie hits DVD.

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