When one tries to list the names of those responsible for Nintendo's successes, you often get the usual suspects: Shigeru Miyamoto, Eiji Aonuma, Koji Kondo, Gunpei Yokoi, etc.

But even the most dedicated Nintendo devotee might not recognize Masayuki Uemura. And who is that you might be asking? Why, he’s only the guy who designed the Famicom, which would become the Nintendo Entertainment System in America.

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Super Mario 3D World

"Mario Kart 8" wasn't the only newly announced Mario game that Nintendo's longtime employee Hideki Konno had a hand in creating. Shown for the first time last week at E3, "Super Mario 3D World" also has the head of Nintendo's Software Development Group No 1's fingerprints on it, albeit they are quite faint.

With the reintroduction of Princess Peach as a playable character in a Mario game for the first time since "Super Mario Bros. 2" on the NES ("Super Princess Peach" aside), Nintendo dug deep into their archives to pull some game mechanics from one of Mr. Konno's first titles, "Doki Doki Panic." While some fans in the west may not be familiar with this game specifically, they are likely to be aware that it was the title that was ported for the U.S. release of "SMB 2." When the game jumped from the Famicom Disk System to the Nintendo Entertainment System, a host of changes were made; most importantly the family of characters in "Doki Doki Panic" were replaced with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad, where each of them had their own special abilities. When Peach debuted in the new trailer for "Super Mario 3D World" her floating jump from "Mario 2" also returned, a mechanic that she inherited from Lina, one of the characters Mr. Konno knew well from "Doki Doki Panic."

While speaking with him last week about "Mario Kart 8," I took a short break to get his thoughts on his influence on another one of Nintendo's key holiday titles, even if it was a bit of a stretch.

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"Hyrule Historia" is the definitive collection of thirty years worth of “The Legend of Zelda” history. Its 280 pages are packed to the brim with art, designs, factoids, and even a timeline for all of the games in this beloved series. So, with all of that information, who better to give us their take on some of the most intriguing pieces included in the book, than series creator Shigeru Miyamoto? At a recent interview we asked Mr. Miyamoto for his thoughts on the book, as well as what were favorite parts of "Hyrule Historia." Read More...

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Roughly 30 years ago, the Nintendo Entertainment System changed the way people interact with their televisions. Nintendo is currently celebrating 30 years of Famicom with some cheap classic games, but you could celebrate by sporting this awesome NES-themed jacket. Read More...

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Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition

If there's anyone in the video game industry that deserves a blowout birthday celebration it's Nintendo's most recognizable face, Mario. This year the world-famous plumber is celebrating his 25th birthday, and Nintendo is honoring him with parties, limited edition releases of the Wii and DSi XL, and a special re-release of the Super Nintendo classic "Super Mario All-Stars" for the Wii. "Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition" includes the original Super Nintendo game, along side some unique "SMB" goodies that will make a Nintendo fanboy's heart skip a beat.


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Deadly Towers

"Deadly Towers"; it's a title that often provokes looks of disgust (among other things) from gamers that are old enough to have owned a Nintendo Entertainment System. In spite of this, twenty-three years after I played the game for the first time, I've finally found some kind of a redeeming value about the worst game that I have ever played.


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