It's not well documented but it is well known around my social circle about the very real and very sad affliction that haunts my existence. Yes, despite the bugs, stiff narrative, and WTF scripting I love "The Elder Scrolls" series. Dating way back for me with "Arena" and then up to and through "Skyrim", I've spent roughly 90 real life days in my TES adventures, totalling over 700 hours across 7 characters in "Oblivion" alone. I'm not here for your pity nor do I want to be fixed. I merely need to set up a frame of reference before going further into Bethesda's next DLC add-on. With that said, I'll leave my personal obsessions on the side for now.

ANYWAY with "Dawnguard" being less than amazing and "Hearthfire" essentially The Sims-Lite, many fans were cying out for proper expansion pack on par with "Bloodmoon" and "Shivering Isles". Bethesda meets us halfway with "Dragonborn". But is it worth the 1600 MS points?

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Bethesda has confirmed the next expansion for "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" will indeed be the rumored Dragonborn DLC. A trailer has finally been released that gives players a glimpse of who could be the games antagonists and what looks like a bit of good old-fashioned dragon riding. Read More...

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