Competitive video games players have long clamored for parties such as ESPN and Fox Sports to cover eSports like they do traditional sports. The reasons are perhaps obvious; for one, it gives a sense validity to their sport, to know that being an excellent StarCraft is somewhat on the same level as basketball. Or synchronized gymnastics at least.

And given that League of Legends are now recognized as athletes by the US government, perhaps it's a matter of time before we see their showdowns on prime time television. But what about those who play non-electronic games? Isn't someone who's really good at Magic an athlete as well?

Well, that's what ESPN figured, maybe, back in 2000, when they decided to air the Magic: The Gathering World Championship: Read More...

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Major League Gaming has been in the business of eSports for 10 years and with games like "Call of Duty: Black Ops II" bundling their own brand of live eSports right on the game disc, it's clear that the popularity of competitive play is on the rise. Thousands of people attend each of MLG's live tournaments, but those numbers pale in comparison to the millions who tune in online. In fact, the league today reported 334% year over year growth in live streaming video viewers. Read More...

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