2011's "Anomaly Warzone Earth" (and its subsequent Xbox LIVE port) wasn't half-bad, refreshing the tower defense genre by making you the one smashing the towers. Now developer 11 Bit Studios is announcing that a sequel, "Anomaly 2" is on the way to the PC, Mac, and Linux sometime in the second quarter of this year.


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Anomoly Warzone Earth

There was a time not too long ago when the prospect of bringing a game from the PC to a mobile device was inevitable disaster. The iPad, however, has managed to prove that it can not only match the quality of an original PC game, but at times it can best it, offering a better play experience with a touch screen than a mouse and keyboard could ever muster. Past examples include "Plants vs. Zombies," "World of Goo" and "Osmos," all of which were considerably more enjoyable on the iPad. Now joining that delightful crew is "Anomaly Warzone Earth HD."


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