Let us guess; the workday thus far has been fairly miserable. Why? Lack of sleep, because you stood in line the midnight launch of "GTA V," and played the game till 5 in the morning.

And as such, you wish you were back home, getting some rest... though mostly to play some more "GTA V." But you also blew all your sick days on the last big game release. What do to?

Why, download iFruit from the iTunes App Store, that's what.


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Planning on picking up "GTA V" today? Well "Saint's Row IV" developer has some DLC for you!*

(*For their game, "Saints Row IV," clearly.)


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Arguably the greatest virtue of the "Battlefield" series of games is the full-scale mayhem of the multiplayer, allowing the open maps of each title to become a collision of ordinance, out of control vehicles, and destruction.

Here's hoping EA and developer DICE can up the ante on this front with the upcoming "Battlefield 4," whose updated multiplayer is detailed in the game's latest trailer.


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The lure of nostalgia is still strong with the latest trailer for "DuckTales Remastered," which made its way to the Xbox 360 last week.


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The Wonderful 101

Platinum Games have developed a reputation for making these complex and deep games that hidden behind a layer of shiny gloss. Just look at any of their console releases, from "MadWorld," to "Bayonetta," to "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance," there always seems to be something that gets in the way of the discussion about the game itself. With their latest release, "The Wonderful 101," the fact that it's out on the Wii U and that it is published by Nintendo, seems to be the headline, however, when you dig a bit deeper there is a whole lot of game here, most of which is completely unlike anything else on the market.

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For everyone out there who plans on getting the Xbox 360 version of "GTA V," an important heads up.

The 360 version comes on two discs; the first has data that must be installed, which the second one relies upon (and is what you play the game off of). Some folks may have ideas of installing disc two as well, to further spare themselves of the console's noisy disc drive.

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The legacy of River City Random cannot be overstated. The 80s 8bit classic wasn't the very first game of its kind (it's actually the third in the series), but it helped to lay the groundwork for an entire genre, and many others in fact, for many years to come.

Which is why it's rather perplexing that a proper sequel was never ever produced. There was a remake for the Game Boy Advance, but that's about it (a sequel was in the plans, for the Wii, but was eventually scrapped). Thankfully, one appears to be finally in the cards, thanks to the modern miracle that is… you guessed it… Kickstarter.


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It is the year 2013 and there is still no unified account system for Nintendo's customers.

Whereas not being able to link one's Wii and DSi accounts were somewhat understandable, given that digital downloads was relatively undiscovered territory (at least on the console side, for back in 2006), plus both systems came out years apart from each other.

Both the Wii U and 3DS were both developed and released close to each, and both sport the Nintendo eShop, yet one needs to manage games and credit on each ends individually. What is this and will this change anytime soon?


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We all hate the very concept, yet as best as we try, there's no avoiding it either: DLC.

It's only been a relatively short period of time since we first gazed upon Elder Scrolls: Oblivion's horse armor, but downloadable content has managed to completely change the way games are produced and played, plus it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Still, DLC remains a very bitter pill to swallow.

And in such case, perhaps a song will help?




It's official. "GTA" fever is in full effect and we're not any less immune. My Rockstar contacts told me that the only known cure is actually playing "Grand Theft Auto V." While, I'm doubtful of their medical licenses I can't see anything wrong with the recommended prescription. So with that, we'd be delighted if you joined us midnight,12 PM EST/9PM PST, tonight for our live-stream on Twitch.tv! Also, we'll solicit questions, requests, and be chatting at the hashtag #GTAGeek. Check it you after the jump!

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