"ZombiU" was last winter’s surprise third party hit for the Wii U. It demonstrated that Nintendo isn't the only one capable of producing something fresh and engaging on their home console hardware, which hasn’t been the case historically speaking.

The critics were largely complimentary of the title, and trustily showered ZombiU with plenty of attention. So the game was a hit, and earned the publisher a decent chunk of pocket change, right? Apparently not.

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It's that time of year where we celebrate the memorable games from the last year. The best, the best-looking, the one's that kept us on the edge of our seat, and the ones that nearly had us tossing the controller in frustration. Be sure to check out the other MTV Multiplayer Best of 2012 lists!

Editor's Note: This list is pretty much a plagiarization of Jason's fantastic "Five Wii U Games You Should Be Playing At Launch" post.

I mean really, Nintendo's quirky mix of tablet and console has only been out a short while, so I haven't got to play that many games yet. That being said, my experiences with the few I have had the pleasure to jump into have more or less sold me on a future for Nintendo. Also, take note that this is a truncated list compared to Charles' top 10 games of Xbox 360 and PS3. As making a list of the best offerings for any console is difficult enough (especially for one who plays internal mind games of Devil's advocate), there's a little ease in the pressure dispite a decently sized launch lineup. So without further ado, here are the best games of 2012 for the Wii U!


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During SDCC, Ubisoft demoed their zombie-killing FPS for Nintendo's new hardware. Always an early adopter when it comes to new hardware, Ubisoft is something like a test case for Nintendo's new console, a gauge of whether or not the WiiU can meet the expectations trifecta of graphics, delivering hardcore gaming, and exploiting the new controller.

Based on my half hour or so of combined time with a slice of the single player campaign and its multiplayer mode, I can say with confidence that at the very least, ZombiU is committed to resuscitating survival horror. Because make no mistake: you will die playing ZombiU and often, a first-person love letter to breathless tension and near panic as you realize you've used your final bullet.

So how does it play? How is the new Wii controller used? And is it any good?

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