Welcome to Girlfriend Mode - -a new column for MTV Multiplayer where I (Kiala Kazebee, woman) talk about the serious business of games, the games industry and my period. JOKES. I makes jokes. Anyway I hope you enjoy my column about vaginas. I mean games.

It's been 24 hours since the Xbox live stream reveal and I think we can all agree the reaction has been a little uh...rough. To begin, here's a quick round up of the anger, frustration and confusion fangirls and boys have been spreading round the webs.


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by John Constantine

You’ve got to hand it to Microsoft. In the weeks leading up to E3, the discussion surrounding the house of X was focused on precisely what they didn’t have. Where was their fall line-up? Where were the exclusives that have defined the console? Microsoft had them and then some.

Opening your show with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr instead of closing with them is the probably the most impressive show of corporate confidence in history. With the reveal of Project Natal, Microsoft’s new hands-free controller-camera, the house of green showed that this was no mere act of baseless hubris. They came to play.

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The nation's second-biggest cable company wants to change your Internet bill in a way that may make gaming a lot more expensive. But what do key gaming companies Sony, Microsoft and OnLive think? MTV Multiplayer asked them. Read More...

Publishing sources told us that Sony's previously un-reported new "PlayStation Network Bandwidth Fee" is forcing them to think twice about what content they offer to PS3 gamers for download. Read More...

Over at MTVNews.com, I've got an interview with Microsoft's head of policy enforcement for Xbox Live, who notes that the company's current ban on the words "gay" and "lesbian" is an "inelegant" solution designed to tamp down on offensive Gamertags and profiles. It needs fixing, he says, but that fix won't involve letting users type the word "gay," which XBL standards police still see used pejoratively "95% to 98%" of the time. They do like the fix I proposed during the interview: letting users display a symbol or check a box to note sexual orientation.

Full story: Microsoft Apologizes For Xbox Live Ban On Gay Gamertags

Microsoft's new "Deal of the Week" program for paying members of Xbox Live, won't replace deals for non-paying members, the company told MTV Multiplayer. Read More...

Electronic Arts will be delivering new "Battlefield" installments on all fronts in 2009, from a sequel to "Battlefield: Bad Company" this winter and the unexpected "Battlefield 1943," which is being distributed over Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and PCs this summer -- screens below! Read More...

On January 17, gamers Desirai and John exchanged vows at their "Halo"-themed wedding with the ceremony officiated by a man dressed as Master Chief. Our own Multiplayer editor Stephen Totilo was there to witness the nuptials firsthand in Orlando, Florida. Here's his report filed at MTVNews.com, and take a look at the video to see what the special event was like.

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Indie studios who launched titles via Community Games last November don't know how their games are selling; as we reported Tuesday, Microsoft has not released sales data to creators but promised it by March, news that prompted vocal and public responses -- both for and against -- from developers.


By all accounts, the launch of Microsoft's Community Games initiative alongside the New Xbox Experience last November was a success, but in following months, creators have become upset as sales data remains non-existent and isn't coming until March.


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