According to Time Warner CFO John K. Martin, the next entry in the "Arkham Asylum" franchise is due sometime this year. VG24/7 picked up on this detail from Warner Brothers' earnings call from last week, where Martin touted the sequel as one of the ways Warner Brothers (via WB Interactive) would be lining the coffers in 2013.

The big question is, would this be the previously-announced Silver Age sequel?


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At the Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain Conference in Las Vegas, Sefton Hill, game director and co-founder at Rocksteady Studios, developers of the popular Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City games took to the stage to talk about the video game development theory at Rocksteady, offering up the five simple strategies of their studio that helped shape these two licensed games for Warner Bros. Interactive. While designing games isn't something that can be easily be picked up from reading a list of key components, these building blocks should be helpful for anyone out there looking to get into game development.

Read on for Rocksteady's 5 simple strategies for people looking to develop games.

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Truth in advertising from Suda51, Grasshopper, and WB Interactive.

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Uh-oh, is this Bane's doing? Last week, Warner Bros. Interactive announced that the upcoming game starring DC Comics' nocturnal detective is slipping from a Summer 2009 release to an end-of-summer timeframe.

The game's producer tells us how to make the most of our assassin skills in "Wanted: Weapons of Fate." Read More...

The game's developer told me the company's proprietary CloudMMO tech works on consoles. He also reveals some updates for '"Justice is Coming." Read More...

You don't have to wait until "Watchmen: The End is Nigh," to play a "Watchmen" game; the marketing machine behind the movie has produced a "Final Fight"-inspired Flash game based on the Minutemen era of the graphic novel, with Night Owl and Silk Spectre as playable characters. Read More...

There are no more "Harry Potter" books coming. In a few years, there will be no more "Harry Potter" movies.

Will the production of new Potter games soon stop too?

"Lord of the Rings" hasn't had trouble living on past its literary trilogy, but we're only nearing the time where it's a concern for "Harry Potter."

Rumors of a "Harry Potter" MMO have circled for years. The setting fits perfectly. Earlier this summer, "Harry Potter" fan sites jumped on a Warner Bros. statement alluding they've been investigating the possibility.

The current Potter game producer, Electronic Arts, told me last week that they're interested in the possibility of a Harry Potter MMO, too. "I think there could be a fun MMO with Harry Potter," said "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" executive producer Jonathan Bunney.

Of course, that doesn't mean a "Harry Potter" MMO is actually coming. Bunney told me they're completely focused on finishing "Half-Blood Prince" and approaching the difficulties of "Deathly Hallows" being split into two movies. I'll have more on that later this week.

That said, do you want an massively multiplayer "Harry Potter" experience?

[Image Credit: Warner Bros.]

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