When I recently spoke to Cryptic design director Bill Roper about his new game "Champions Online," we also talked about the successes and failures of the MMO genre. In our discussion, Roper, a friend of Mythic's Mark Jacobs, mentioned just how "Warhammer Online" will continue to thrive. Read More...

The developers comedians of Mythic Entertainment's  "Warhammer Online," creative director Paul Barnett and executive producer Jeff Hickman, spoke to us at New York Comic Con to tell us about their new live expansion "A Call To Arms," what they're doing to fix the game, and why you should play "WAR" if you haven't already.

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While Stephen and Tracey are running around the New York Comic Con show floor and taking in the nerdy sights, the rest of us have to live vicariously through them, a process made easier with photos. Read More...

After several staffers were let go two weeks ago, Mythic VP Mark Jacobs revealed on the "Warhammer Online" website today that the company is once again reducing its staff. Read More...

During EA's earnings call yesterday afternoon, it was said that "Warhammer Online" has over 300,000 paying subscribers in North America and Europe. This is in contrast to the 500,000 who signed up in its first week of release last September. Read More...

In a "State of the Game" message from EA Mythic head honcho Mark Jacobs today, the MMO developer announced two new classes for the game: the Knight of the Blazing Sun for Order and the Black Guard for Destruction.

Those additions will be arriving later this year, some time after the release of the next "World of Warcraft" expansion, which ships November 13.

When I spoke with Jacobs yesterday about the announcement, he promised a major event surrounding the introduction of the new classes, but declined to specify what the event would be or what specific attributes the new classes would have. "Almost everything we're doing with the classes involves buffing up abilities, like adding more things as opposed to taking them away," he said.

And as promised, the classes, which were cut from the game before launch due to quality issues, will be part of Patch 1.1. Jacobs told me that the patch will fix issues players have been having with the mail system and will include improvements on the chat, itemization and targeting systems as well as client performance. There will be new content as well, such as 14 new quest chains, two new Lairs and more unlockables for the Tome of Knowledge.

I also wondered if there were any major design changes when it came to Public Quests and Scenarios. Jacobs said that the development team was looking into scaling Public Quests. In other words, when players can't find enough others to do a Public Quest, he suggested that the quest might automatically adjust to the number of players available. "So if there's only five people in the area versus how it was designed for 10, then the objectives will be easier and the rewards will change," he explained. "Let's say you had to kill 20 skeletons; now you only have to kill 10." He added that the scaling of Public Quests might be added before the 1.1 patch, but he couldn't guarantee it.

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Earlier today we published an interview with "World of Warcraft" game director Jeff Kaplan where he shared his thoughts on competing MMORPG "Warhammer Online."

We reached out to EA Mythic head and lead "Warhammer Online" designer Mark Jacobs to clarify about his company's beta policies. He responded after the story was published.

In doing so, Jacobs also wanted to respond to some of the comments about "Warhammer Online" that Kaplan had made. Here's his defense via a phone call to MTV Multiplayer this morning: Read More...

[UPDATE 12:15pm: The story has been updated with comments from EA Mythic's Mark Jacobs.] When I spoke with EA Mythic head Mark Jacobs earlier this year about developing MMORPG "Warhammer Online," it was inevitable that we talked about the competition -- namely a little game called "World of Warcraft."

"They've been paying attention, and I know they're in our beta even though they don't like to tell us they're in our beta," Jacobs said of Blizzard staffers during the game's beta period in August.

So during BlizzCon this past weekend, I confronted "World of Warcraft" game director Jeff Kaplan about this. Had Blizzard employees really tried to sneak into the beta for "Warhammer Online"? Read More...

After years of development, today is the official worldwide release of "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning."

At a demo last month, I had an extensive interview with EA Mythic head and lead "Warhammer Online" designer Mark Jacobs. He spoke about the alarming failure rate of MMOs and what's needed to be successful against the unprecedented success of "World of Warcraft."

But as a regular "WoW" player who's never played any form of "Warhammer," I also wanted to know straight-up: Why should I play "WAR" instead of "WoW"?

Here's what Jacobs told me during that interview:

"We obviously had a major bump when 'Burning Crusade' came out. When [Blizzard] released that expansion, they raised the expectations of the player; they put in some of what we call 'water cooler quests,' the things that you talk about around the watercooler. We looked at the amount of content they put in that and said we need more time if we want to add some of those things, if we want our own water cooler quests or more water cooler quests. So our choice was to delay the game and spend more time on it. It was a major bump."

-- EA Mythic head and lead "Warhammer Online" designer Mark Jacobs, answering my question during a recent interview about what "bumps" the developers faced while making the game

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