Regular readers of know that Kurt Loder reviews movies for the website every week. Today, he reviewed the latest game-based movie: Uwe Boll's "Postal."

And, well, he writes...

"Postal" is a foul and horrifying movie, a classic of its kind. I laughed pretty much non-stop through the first hour or so (unfortunately, the picture runs nearly two hours), cringing in shame and yet cackling helplessly nevertheless.

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"Postal"'s screen count may have taken a hit yesterday, but Uwe Boll has come back swinging today.

"Postal" is now up to 15 screens in North America.

The film will screen at three -- count 'em, three! -- different venues in Canada, and at one Seattle theater in June.

There's a catch, though. "Postal" isn't opening at every screen on Friday. In San Francisco, for example, it's not showing until May 30 -- bummer for me. In Seattle, the booked theater isn't slated to show the movie until June 6.

One way or the other, though, "Postal" has upgraded its theater count. As usual, click through to find a complete list of the theaters "Postal" will be showing in.


PostalAnd then there were…11.

Yes, it appears the number of theaters agreeing to carry Uwe Boll's "Postal," an adaptation of the violent Running With Scissors game series, has gone down.

A Vancouver theater appears to have dropped out. MTV Multiplayer intends to keep an updated list of available theaters as we near the film's Friday release date.

"Whatever press will help POSTAL," Boll told me over e-mail. "I think you have to admit that that it is banned. It's not okay."

If all else fails, however, there is hope. "Postal" already has a release date on Blu-ray. That's right: Uwe Boll in high-definition. Horror site Bloody Disgusting reports that Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for a Blu-ray "Postal" to arrive on August 26.

As for the current list of theaters showing "Postal," including a San Francisco theater that won't be showing the film until May 30, keep reading.


Uwe BollAs of four days ago, director Uwe Boll's latest film, "Postal," was set to open this coming Friday -- on four screens.

Since then, Boll has been scrambling to find more theaters to show his movie, and he's been updating MTV Multiplayer the moment each confirmation come in.

As of this writing, we're up to 12 signed theaters.

"We were prepared to open on 1500 screens all across America on May 23," said Boll in a press release last week. "Any multiplex in the U.S. should have space for us, but they’re afraid. We have even tried to buy a few screens in New York and Los Angeles, and they won't let us even rent the theaters!"

I've already seen "Postal." Boll and actor Zack Ward came to San Francisco last fall and showed an early cut from the controversial game adaptation. It actually made me legitimately laugh at least once. Boll is currently in negotiations with a local Bay Area theater -- fingers crossed -- but the deal's not locked up yet.

Twelve theaters, however, have committed to showing "Postal." Read on to learn which ones.


'Metal Gear Solid 4' -- Not For Uwe BollDid we know that film director Uwe Boll kinda sorta almost got involved with making movies based on "World of Warcraft" and "Metal Gear Solid"?

Yeah, we knew.

But these are the kinds of stories that don't get old. The ever-excellent MTV Movies blog reminds us of both, with fresh quotes from the famous filmmaker on his near misses with some sure hits.

  • On getting snookered by Frenchmen who claimed to have an official "Metal Gear" movie script, Boll says: "This is how it is sometimes."

Best quote from this two-part series is about how Boll doesn't feel the need to please hardcore gamers: "And to be honest, the real gamers are the typical download guys, right? They don’t pay anything for movies, because they illegally download the movies. So why I should please these guys? I need the normal audience."

Uwe BollNothing, actually. Uwe Boll, the infamous director behind such works as "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale" and "BloodRayne," told Multiplayer in an e-mail that he didn't attend Los Angeles film celebration this past Sunday.

In fact, Boll has never attended the Oscars, nor does he plan to change that. Does that explain the ceremony's lowest ratings in history? Maybe not, but in addition to simply not living alongside much of Hollywood's elite in the Los Angeles area, Boll is currently busy completing production of his latest project, an adaptation of Ubisoft's "Far Cry."

Anyone who followed my work at 1UP likely realized I'm an unabashed fan of Boll's work, albeit one could argue it's for all the wrong reasons, if you're interested in the kind of movie that's nominated for an Oscar. Boll's films have a certain intangible appeal.

Oh, and for those that were wondering if Boll thought anyone was snubbed by the Academy this past weekend, worry not. "They made good choices," he said.

For more Boll -- including a clip of the man himself telling Multiplayer how to pronounce his name -- check out our index Uwe Boll posts.

inthenameoftheking_281x.jpgWith the monumental success horrendous flop of the latest video game based movie "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale" the gaming community was yet again subjected to the bastardization of properties that they hold near and dear to their hearts. As we all know, this has happened time and time again over the last 25 years. Many video game based movies have come, and swiftly gone from the theaters, appreciated by few, and ridiculed by many.

In honor of these films, we have put together a little quiz for all of you to test your game movie knowledge. Can you name the movie posters, from the details that have been pulled from the images? We fully understand that most of you probably never saw these posters before, so we made sure to make the quiz (almost) as difficult as possible.

On with the quiz....10 questions. And the prize is? Pride.

The Multiplayer Video Game Movie Poster Quiz 
(Click each thumbnail to reveal the full poster)

1. movie_1.jpg                             2. movie_2.jpg


zombiemassacre_mtvmultiplayer_exclusive.jpg"Zombie Massacre" is one step closer to becoming a reality.

The upcoming Wii game by little-known developer 1988 Games turned heads when infamous video game movie director Uwe Boll quickly secured the rights to make the movie version.

A few months ago, I spoke with 1988 Games President Benjamin Krotin about "Zombie Massacre," a hybrid of an on-rails, "House of the Dead"-type shooter and a "Crazy Taxi"-style driving game for the Wii. He seemed confident that it was only a matter of time before "Zombie Massacre" would find a publisher.

Now there will actually be a game to back up the announced film (set to begin shooting in 2009). Today, the game studio announced that the Irvine, California-based developer Papaya Studio ("Medal of Honor: Airborne," "Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey") will partner with 1988 Games to develop "Zombie Massacre." In the press release, Papaya Studio President Lin Shen said, "We are extraordinarily excited to be collaborating with 1988 Games on Zombie Massacre, and we look forward to applying our game development expertise as we strive to make an unforgettable game for the Nintendo Wii."

Meanwhile, AppAbove Games ("Armadillo Gold Rush," "Jail Trail") will help produce the mobile phone version.

uweboll_seedset.jpgHe's possibly the most hated man in gaming.

But love him or hate him, video game movie director Uwe Boll is here to stay.

Notorious for lashing out against critics of his video game adaptations (like "House of the Dead," "Alone in the Dark," "BloodRayne" and "Postal"), the German director somehow manages to keep making movies. His film renditions of "Far Cry" and "Dungeon Siege" are coming out next year, and recently Boll garnered the rights for independent games "Sabotage 1943" (Replay Studios), "Legend: Hand of God" (Master Creating) and "Zombie Massacre" (1988 Games). Last week, when I called the director to talk about how he acquired the movie rights to "Zombie Massacre" (as well as how the hell to say his name), I also wanted to learn what makes the man tick. Here's a sampling of what he had to say:

"Grand Theft Auto" I think is a great game, but it's also a little old-fashioned now, and the question is "Do we already have movies like this?" So even though it's a fun game and original, we need to question what would you gain if you made a movie out of it. Like with "Halo," it's a sensational game, but I don't think that the materials are perfect to make a movie. It could be very technical but not necessarily an emotionally- grabbing movie, and I think it's always important to have lead characters you can go with through a story. Like Jack Carver in "Far Cry" is a funny guy but he is also tough; he’s a little like a Bruce Willis type so you want to follow him. You want to know if he’s surviving the adventure. ... And I don’t think that in "Halo" a character like this really exists.

Um... Master Chief, anyone? Read on to find out what he thinks makes a good video game movie, his side of what happened with "Metal Gear Solid" and how Blizzard rejected him for "World of Warcraft."


zombiemassacre_mtvmultiplayer_exclusive.jpgThe upcoming Wii title "Zombie Massacre" doesn't even have a publisher yet, but it's already being made into a movie -- a movie directed by Uwe Boll.

Approximately three weeks ago, news about the unpublished Wii game made its way around the Internet, and before anyone even really knew what the game was about, the German filmmaker, infamous for critically panned video game movies like "Alone in the Dark," "Bloodrayne" and like-minded zombie flick "House of the Dead," picked up the rights to make a film based on it.

A completely unknown developer with a movie optioned for an unpublished, out-of-nowhere Wii game? It sounds too good to be true. Last week, due to sheer curiosity, I called up "Zombie Massacre" creator 1988 Games and film director Uwe Boll to find out the details for myself.

Image: Exclusive “Zombie Massacre” concept art the developers have been showing to potential publishers, courtesy of 1988 Games

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