Why would Sony issue a demo for the potential system-selling "Killzone 2" only to people who have pre-ordered the game? Sony explained their unusual strategy to MTV Multiplayer, and dated a version of the demo that's for the rest of us. Read More...

They've still got the Home Run Apple (moved slightly), and now they've got K-Rod. Check out the world exclusive first virtual tour of the New York Mets' new Citi Field stadium, rendered via the upcoming PlayStation 3 game "MLB 09: The Show." Read More...

By all accounts, the launch of Microsoft's Community Games initiative alongside the New Xbox Experience last November was a success, but in following months, creators have become upset as sales data remains non-existent and isn't coming until March.


Unpublished final issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly

1UP's editorial director tells us that Electronic Gaming Monthly was probably going to shut down in its 20th year even if UGO hadn't gotten involved -- but that game companies could have stopped it. Read More...

Remember Desirai and John, the Florida couple planning a "Halo" wedding? Here are some videos they shot for us on Tuesday of this week showing some of the "Halo"-themed touches they've applied to the wedding dress (her insignia on the sleeves!), the groom's cufflinks and whatnot. Video after the jump! Read More...

UGOIf UGO hadn't bought 1UP, things could have been a lot worse. That's what the company's CEO told me in an interview that began with me asking: "How do you like being a bad guy"? Read More...

'Animal Crossing: City Folk'

I've learned the following things from my crunching of more than 1.6 million Wii owners' gameplaying habits of 41 Wii games this month:

*"Animal Crossing: City Folk" owners are indeed hardcore -- they played that game, on average, almost 10 hours of the game in December, the most intense game-binging I've seen since I started making these posts!

*The 2007-2008 Wii light-gun gaming renaissance was a bust. Not only did people barely touch their light-gun games, but they touched the "Zelda"-branded one the least.

*"Wii Play" continues to defy the critics, by actually getting played -- a lot.

These are just some of the discoveries in MTV Multiplayer's fifth monthly breakdown of Wii software usage stats. Remember! I'm not tracking sales. I'm tracking how much time the people who play and rent these games actually play them. Any game can sell. But only good games get played.

Check out the usage stats for 41 Wii games: Read More...

nullI finished 38 video games in 2008.

So much for the theory that people whose work involves games don't finish them.

As I did in 2006 and 2007, I have tallied my video game playlists for 2008. Somehow, in this my first full calendar year being married, I managed to start more and finish more games than ever before.

I owe this to two things:

-The privilege to work on a beat that enables me to secure copies of games for free from all gaming publishers.
-The immense patience of my wife.

I'll be on vacation until January, but between now and then you will still see daily posts from me between now and then detailing the roster of games I played (and sometimes finished) for every major gaming platform.

I can tell you now that the system I played the most games on was the Xbox 360. The longest game I played through was probably "Fire Emblem" on the Wii; the shortest was PC darling "You Have To Burn The Rope." I finished one GamCube game this year and only started one game on my iPod.

Hopefully you can use them as a jumping off points to discuss what you played in 2008. Click this link between now and New Year's to see the growing list of my 2008 Playlists.

And here are some fun comparison stats:

My final 2006 tally was: 102 games played; 21 finished.

My final 2007 tally is: 118 played; 35 finished.

My final 2008 tally is: 135 played; 37 finished. [UPDATE: Added 2 more games played to PSN and PC lists]

(Note: The Games Played number counts only 2008 games that I played for fun, outside of work or industry events. The Games Completed stat counts games from any year that I finished this year.)

Homage? Inspiration? Or a case of Grand Theft 'Shadow'?

Before I played Ubisoft Montreal's magnificent new "Prince of Persia," I saw that comparisons were being drawn between it and Sony's cult favorite PS2 game "Ico." Both games are platformers the present a hero who is accompanied and assisted by a lovely woman. In both games, the mechanic of holding hands in fundamental.

But if you thought the "Prince of Persia" team drew a lot of inspiration from "Ico," then wait until you see how much they drew from the other celebrated game made by Fumito Ueda's team at Sony, "Shadow of the Colossus."

Without going into spoilers, let's look at some striking similarities: Read More...

I played through dozens of games this year and tried at least a hundred more. And through them all, I experienced some amazing moments.

As I have done in years previous, here are my picks for My 10 Favorite Moments in Video Games for 2008. (As spoiler-light as I can make them.)

Check out my 10 favorite moments and then share your own below: Read More...

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