Following up on my brief interview with him about "Brutal Legend," game designer Tim Schafer has run a post on his blog elaborating on his comments to me about gamers worrying too much about sales. Read the full thing, but if you are oddly pressed for time, here's his bottom line:

...unless it’s your money on the line, game sales don’t need to keep you up at night. The market and game executives do not dictate what games get made--They just dictate what gets made easily. They affect what can be made without a fight. As long as there are creative people out there willing to fight for ideas they care about, then there is nothing that the market or anyone else can do to stop them.

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We won't learn anything new about Tim Schafer's Jack Black-starring rock action game, "Brutal Legend," next week.

"Brutal Legend" will not be making an appearance at E3, Schafer told me over e-mail today. But "Psychonauts" fans need not worry; the game doesn't appear in trouble.

“We’re not going to be showing at E3, but soon after that we hope," said Schafer. "As soon as the dust settles from this whole [Activision Blizzard] merger thing we should be able to talk about the game a lot more.”

The last we heard of "Brutal Legend" was from Black himself at the MTV Movie Awards last month. The actor-comedian-musician was sporting a "Brutal Legend" t-shirt and told MTV News' Kim Stolz thathis new game was "coming someday."

Schafer's comment comes on the same day the Activision Blizzard merger was approved by Activision shareholders. Blizzard and Vivendi, the game's original publisher, will soon be a subsidiary of Activision.

Jack Black While Presenting Best Movie (Credit: Getty Images)Clearly, Jack Black wants to talk about "Brutal Legend." The man wore a shirt adorned with the upcoming heavy metal action game's logo during the MTV Movie Awards two weeks ago in Los Angeles.

Most of the folks sticking microphones in his face at the awards largely avoided the topic. And that's too bad because so little has been heard about the game since it was announced through Game Informer last year as developer Tim Schafer's next project.

Thankfully, MTV News' own Kim Stolz, however, did get Black to chat ever so briefly about his shirt and what it means. We got a tiny, mini-update about the game.


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