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Take-Two Interactive, the parent company 2K Games, 2K Sports, and Rockstar Games, has agreed to publish future WWE-licensed wrestling games.

World Wrestling Entertainment-based games were previously licensed to THQ before the company went bankrupt at the end of last year. The 2K deal confirms previous rumors that Take-Two was interested in the property.

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By Joseph Leray

“Crysis” developer Crytek’s shopping spree in the wake of THQ’s bankruptcy is still in full force: the company announced yesterday that they’re opening a new studio in Austin and staffing it with ex-Vigil employees. It’s their ninth (ninth!) studio worldwide, and their first in the US of A.

Former Vigil general manager David Adams will head up the new studio, and IGN is reporting that all 35 employees are former Vigil staffers. Vigil was scuttled last week, part of the collateral damage of THQ’s on-going bankruptcy.

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By Joseph Leray

THQ’s bankruptcy is continuing to shake out today, as intellectual properties that fell through the cracks and weren’t bought during yesterday’s auction become hot topics of interest.

Speaking with Game Informer, former THQ CEO Jason Rubin, who took over the company in May 2012, outlined what would happen to the company’s back catalog and intellectual properties. “There will be a separate process to sell off the back catalog and IP,” he said. “That process will take place in the coming weeks.”

The THQ properties that haven’t already been bought include the “Red Faction” series, “Darksiders,” and the WWE Wrestling license.

The “Red Faction” games were being developed by Volition, Inc., which was bought by Koch Media, but the buyer only bought the developer’s “Saint’s Row” property, leaving “Red Faction” as part of THQ’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings.

THQ’s WWE license was also left unbought, though sources have told IGN that Take 2 will be scooping it up. It’s not clear whether or not the dev teams working on “Red Faction” and the WWE games would be included in any future deals.

“Darksiders” developer Vigil games, however, will most certainly be closed, though Platinum Games is reportedly sniffing out the possibility of purchasing the series.

[Game Informer via Joystiq]

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By Joseph Leray

In the aftermath of THQ’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, “Darksiders” developer Vigil Games fell through the crack. Not only did the studio not find a buyer during yesterday’s piecemeal auction, no one bid on the company or its games at all, according to investment blogger DDInvesting.

As of right now, Vigil Games (which was owned by THQ) will continue with the Chapter 11 process. There may still be a buyer for the Darksiders license, but the studio is effectively finished.

Vigil’s lead combat designer Ben Cureton took to NeoGAF to mourn the loss, praising the team that had built “Darksiders” and its sequel, “Darksiders 2”: “Am I sad I don’t have a job? Not really … I’m sure I’ll get another one eventually,” he writes. “I’m sad because it won’t be THIS job. It won’t be at Vigil … these people will never be together again in the same combination.”

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Kotaku's Jason Schreier was able to acquire a letter to employees from THQ President Jason Rubin and CEO Brian Farrell announcing the final status of the assets sales which took place yesterday. Several whole studios have been purchased outright. While the U.S. Bankruptcy Court still has to sign off on THQ's final assessment, it looks like Relic, Volition, THQ's Montreal studio, along with the "Metro," "Evolve," and "Homefront" franchises have all found new homes. Right now, the future of Vigil ("Darksiders") remains in doubt as it's still wrapped up in the Chapter 11 proceedings.

Hit the jump for the letter and more details.



In this "Behind the Mask: Death Rises" video, the team behind the action-adventure sequel talks about bringing another of the four horsemen into their series.

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Butters better be all up in this pretty prominently or I'm out.

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Change is coming to THQ, according to comments by CEO Brian Farrell during an investor call about the publisher's year-end financial results; in addition to cutting hundreds of employees and reducing its studio count, Farrell said THQ would be reducing the number of hardcore games it creates. Read More...

The lead designer of "Deadly Creatures" recently explained to me why his -- and other -- hardcore games need to sell on the Wii. If they don't, then it's back to mini-games. Read More...

Though the idea for "Deadly Creatures" was inspired by a dream that lead designer Jordan Itkowitz once had, the actual character design came from real-life influences in the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona.

Developed by Phoenix-based, THQ-owned developer Rainbow Studios, the T-rated Wii game features a tarantula and a scorpion as its protagonists as well as a plethora of other insects local to the area.

"We did a lot of research, and all the creatures in [the game] are things that we have in Phoenix," Itkowitz told me during a demo held at the MTV offices earlier this week. In fact, a few team members went above and beyond by bringing their own specimens into the office, and someone even left Itkowitz a present on his desk... Read More...

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