Our intern's a huge "BioShock" fan. So when Game Informer broke some new details about the sequel, he was excited but also... worried. See why. Read More...

Video games had a larger presence at New York Comic Con this year, and it was also evidenced by the number of attendees who showed up as their favorite video game characters. Take a look.


Nothing says "I love you" like Valentine's Day cards based on a zombie-shooter video game. Check out these adorable renditions of "Left 4 Dead"'s characters in fan-made, holiday-themed artwork. Read More...

Tonight there are only four U.S. midnight launch events for the "World of Warcraft" expansion "Wrath of the Lich King."

And one of them just happens to be at a Best Buy only a few blocks away from MTV's Times Square headquarters. Earlier this afternoon, I stopped by to see if there were any gamers waiting outside in line. (Note: it's about 45 degrees Fahrenheit here today. Brrrrrr.)

There were about 20 people in line, and I spoke to a pair friends who were at the very front. Read More...

It's clear that Capcom listens to its "Street Fighter" fans.

That's the main reason why "Super Street Fighter II Turbo" is being remade at all.

"The game wouldn't exist if it wasn't for this fanboy interest," Capcom community manager Seth Killian told me yesterday during a demo in a Manhattan hotel. "It's a reboot of quite an old game."

He explained that longtime fans were also involved in working on the game's design, art, music and network system. And there were even more fans offering feedback for how their favorite game should be remade. But Killian said they could only do so much. Some of the things that fans wanted just had to be left out. Read More...

On the show floor at BlizzCon today, I caught up with a few "StarCraft" fans and asked them what they thought of yesterday's announcement that the game would be split up into a trilogy.

In my interview with lead producer Chris Sigaty, he explained that the games are based on each of the three races -- Terrans, Zerg and Protoss -- and will feature extensive storylines in the single-player campaign. Thus, the company decided to release it in three parts.

Here's what a few BlizzCon attendees, who all claimed to be big "StarCraft" fans, thought about Blizzard's decision: Read More...

MTV News video editor Joe DeShano is a gamer and "Warhammer" fanatic. Read on for his thoughts on the upcoming MMO...

I was eight.

It was Christmas and my brother was opening a gift that said, "To The Family; From Santa."

That gift was an Intellivision Entertainment System, and I had no idea what that meant. I quickly learned and became obsessed. Somewhere around the fourth hour of domination of "Tron: Deadly Discs," something got written into my DNA. I was a gamer.

Fast forward six years and my friend handed me a book called "Warhammer" by a company called Games Workshop. I was familiar with the company from a game I had played previously with him called "Talisman." So despite the fact that I thought he was crazy for buying a "game" that only had a book with no models or board, I decided to read it. I soon understood why he was freaking out. Read More...

Yesterday we reported why Blizzard decided to alter the dark art style of the "Diablo" franchise and how this angered so many fans that they started a petition against the new, colorful world of "Diablo III."

However, other fans were angry that a petition was even made to ask Blizzard to change what they had done. So what did they do? They started a petition. Well, two of them, actually.

One petition says that the new art direction is "stylish," "a breath of fresh air" and allows the game "to stand out from the crowd of brown and grey games, or 'realistic' (e.g. boring) looking games." The other simply states, "Diablo III looks like an absolutely amazing game and the colours should NOT be changed. You're doing a wonderful job. Keep up the great work."

These sentiments echo some of the comments made on our blog -- how the color is a natural progression of the game's evolution and story (with the three Prime Evils dead and gone), and how ultimately, gamers should trust Blizzard to make a great game. So far there are about 1,000 signatures total on both petitions. Who do you think will win?

Why did Blizzard choose an art style for "Diablo III" that would anger so many fans? I got answers in Paris last weekend before people were really asking the question.

And I know of at least 14,000 people who'd like an answer. Those are the thousands of diehard "Diablo" fans who have signed a petition against the game's new art direction (with more than 1,000 signatures added every hour).

When I asked lead producer Keith Lee about "Diablo III'"s new art style at the Worldwide Invitational in Paris, he explained why Blizzard went in that direction.


Remember that review restriction flap about "Metal Gear Solid 4"?

Well, some "Metal Gear" superfans told me they want more limits on reviews.

Yesterday, when I went to the Virgin Megastore in Times Square to take photos of all the people waiting in line to meet creator Hideo Kojima, some fans told me they avoided reading most coverage of the game because they didn't want any parts spoiled for them. "I wish there were more restrictions!" said Yascear, the very first person in line to get Kojima's autograph. "Sometimes reviews tell you too much, and I just want to play it on my own,” he said. The others completely agreed.

Readers, what do you think? Should reviewers have more restrictions to save gamers from spoilers? Or should gamers stop themselves from reading reviews beforehand? Do review restrictions matter in the case of "Metal Gear Solid 4," where gamers know they want to buy it regardless of what reviewers might say?

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