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It seems you can't turn a corner these days without seeing tons of great video game announcements. With new consoles launching and new IP dropping hot, how do you tell the good from the bad? With a list of course! Here's our most anticipated games for Fall!

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The Wonderful 101


As we get closer to the September 15 release date of the Platinum Games' first Wii U title, "The Wonderful 101" lots of tidbits about the game are being revealed. From its original proposal as a Nintendo crossover title, to its outspoken creator's feelings on review scores, and even quite a few profiles on the characters that are part of the Wonderful 100, but what of the inspiration for the game? You might have been able to guess that some of the biggest Japanese TV shows of the 1980s played a role, but an old Japanese story about a school of fish was what really got the ball rolling.

Speaking with the Director of "The Wonderful 101," Hideki Kamiya recently, he gave us some insight into where the ideas behind his latest creation came from, and how they were influenced by some of his favorite memories of his childhood.

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"LOST" and "Lord of the Rings" star Dominic Monaghan participated in a livestream today along with director Henry Hobson to talk about his participation in 2K Games' web series promoting "The Bureau: XCOM Declassified," offering some details on 50's-style cool, battling the elements in thin shoes, and choosing the bottle over the gun (you'll get it if you've seen the web series).


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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Anyone that has played a "Mario & Luigi" game can tell you that Mario and Luigi aren't the only familiar faces in the games. Over the course of the three games that have been released in the series ("Superstar Saga," "Partners In Time," and "Bowser's Inside Story"), and the one that will drop next week ("Dream Team") the Mario Brothers have run into countless friendly, and not so friendly, faces in their RPG journeys. However, throughout all of the games, there have always been new characters introduced that tend to be specific to the stories told in these franchises, and because they are so unique to these games, those characters will almost never venture outside of a "Mario & Luigi" game.New characters in the Mario Universe is actually a pretty big deal, and the ones that show up in “Mario & Luigi” usually tend to play very important roles within these games, and it turns out, that's by design.

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Mario & Luigi

Everyone already knows the tale of how Mario and Luigi got their mustaches, but since the days of "Donkey Kong," the Mario Bros. whiskers have taken a backseat. However, in the upcoming 3DS title, "Mario & Luigi: Dream Team," the development team behind the game decided to give Luigi's mouth brow a bit more screen time. This time around it's not just to highlight his Italian nose, or because Luigi's long and luxurious 'stache is a site to behold, it's actually integral to the game itself. Read More...

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by Joseph Leray
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

"Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn" isn't coming to the Xbox 360 (or, presumably, the Xbox One). According to director Naoki Yoshida, that's because Microsoft's online policies are too restrictive, especially when it comes to cross-platform play.


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In the lead up to the release of OUYA, and through my time testing it for my review, the one question that kept popping into my head was, "who is this for?" It's fair to ask the same question of the other consoles that are either on the market, or soon to be, but those consoles have dedicated fanbases, a portion of which will by anything with the right logo on it. OUYA is an entirely new machine, and subsequently, it's for an entirely new audience. Sure, there were all those Kickstarter supporters, but even with 63,416 fans, that's not enough to sustain a console in perpetuity.

In fact, when I was given the opportunity to speak with Julie Uhrman, OUYA's Founder, on June 25, the day that the console launched, that was one of the first thing I asked her.

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Color Zen

Sometimes making a game is more about the process than it is about the end result, but it helps when the end result is a really good game.

"One of our engineers that was on the core team was referencing the one art class that he took in college. 'One of our assignments we were looking at this artist who was doing very abstract color prints and I just feel like there's a game in there somewhere.'"

And with that, the seed of "Color Zen" was planted.

For most people, matching colors together sounds like one of the world's simplest tasks; something that they have been doing since they were in diapers. Taking that kind of a basic human skill and turning it into a game that is both compelling and challenging is no easy task, but that's exactly what Large Animal Games' latest release, "Color Zen" does.

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Super Mario 3D World

"Mario Kart 8" wasn't the only newly announced Mario game that Nintendo's longtime employee Hideki Konno had a hand in creating. Shown for the first time last week at E3, "Super Mario 3D World" also has the head of Nintendo's Software Development Group No 1's fingerprints on it, albeit they are quite faint.

With the reintroduction of Princess Peach as a playable character in a Mario game for the first time since "Super Mario Bros. 2" on the NES ("Super Princess Peach" aside), Nintendo dug deep into their archives to pull some game mechanics from one of Mr. Konno's first titles, "Doki Doki Panic." While some fans in the west may not be familiar with this game specifically, they are likely to be aware that it was the title that was ported for the U.S. release of "SMB 2." When the game jumped from the Famicom Disk System to the Nintendo Entertainment System, a host of changes were made; most importantly the family of characters in "Doki Doki Panic" were replaced with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad, where each of them had their own special abilities. When Peach debuted in the new trailer for "Super Mario 3D World" her floating jump from "Mario 2" also returned, a mechanic that she inherited from Lina, one of the characters Mr. Konno knew well from "Doki Doki Panic."

While speaking with him last week about "Mario Kart 8," I took a short break to get his thoughts on his influence on another one of Nintendo's key holiday titles, even if it was a bit of a stretch.

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Reggie Fils-Aime

E3 has always been home to some of Nintendo's biggest announcements, and last week was no different… well, okay, it was a little different. Forgoing the traditional big press conference, Nintendo opted to deliver their E3 announcements online, via a Nintendo Direct live stream. Technical issues aside, the Direct broadcast showcased a handful of games, starring some of Nintendo's biggest names to the consumer for the first time. From the first gameplay for the all new "Super Mario 3D World," to the first trailer for "Super Smash Bros." for the 3DS and Wii U, Nintendo may not have gone as big as they usually do, but they still delivered in the way of content.

Late last week, we had a chance to sit down with Nintendo of America's President and COO, Reggie Fils-Aime to recap their news, and discuss some of the company's biggest announcements. Read on to find out about Nintendo's plans for the Wii U, and for some insight into their unique take on this year's E3. Come back tomorrow for more from Reggie, on the 3DS, indie games, and his perspective on some of Nintendo's upcoming games.

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