Duke Nukem Forever

By now you've probably heard that game critics have not been loving "Duke Nukem Forever" en masse. The current Metacritic score is sitting at a paltry 57, and the general buzz from those who have played the game ranges from unfun to offensive. (Sidenote: Our reviewer is making his way through the game, with our review scheduled to go up on Friday.) Apparently some of the negative critical reactions were not fondly received by The Redner Group, a third-party PR firm tasked with representing the game. Last night, at around 11PM EST, Jim Redner updated The Redner Group's Twitter account in response to the negative reviews with the following tweet:


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BioShock Infinite

Now that the dust has settled from E3 2011, it's a good time to look back at the past week of insanity and think about which titles stood out from the pack. It's obviously a challenge when you're looking at early games, many of which are more than a year away from release, but despite all that, several titles had magnificent showings. Some were expected, others came totally out of nowhere, but all of these titles are well worth keeping an eye on.


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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

A few weeks ago, the first information about "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" started to leak out. The bulk of it related to the games campaign mode, though there were some additional features regarding the multiplayer. Now we're starting to see multiplayer details start to emerge, including perks, team perks and new kill streaks.

As we get closer to the game's release, this post will serve as a database for the presently-known weapons, killstreaks, perks, team perks and attachments. Right now it's pretty lean, but you can expect it to fill up with more and more information as time goes on.

Thanks to Kotaku for the first burst of information, including the perk/killstreak descriptions.


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Gears of War 3 beta

Sad news this week as folks got their last licks of the "Gears of War 3" beta, which came to a close. For those who played, it was an exceptionally content-filled beta, with 4 playable maps, unlockable characters, weapon skins, executions and medals. According to Microsoft, 11 million matches were played, over 249 years of cumulative playing time and about a third of the 1.29 million players unlocked Cole's Thrashball skin. But now it's gone. Here are some games to filled the void.


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A few years ago, the all-in-one desktop had developed a bit of a reputation. They were perfectly serviceable machines for basic needs like Facebook browsing and watching YouTube clips, but when it came to doing anything visually taxing, they may as well have been paper weights. That was back in the day of those blueberry-colored, box-shaped iMacs with the handles built right in.

Of course, in recent years, things have changed. iMacs are used by artists, video editors and gamers the world over. Each year they seem to get closer and closer to their big brother, the Mac Pro, and the 2011 iMac closes the gap even further. If you're looking for an all-in-one that can handle just about everything you throw at it, you've come to the right place.


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Deus Ex Human Revolution

In the world of "Deus Ex: Human Revolution," the augmentations make the man. And in this case, the man is Adam Jensen, the head of security for Sarif Industries. After a particuarly nasty terrorist attack, Jensen is forced to become augmented to save his life. He's none too thrilled, but you should be, as augmentations give you all sorts of awesome powers as you play through the game.

Admittedly some of the augmentations are more useful than others, and having spent a considerable time with the game, we thought it proper to give you the rundown on all of the augmentations in "Deus Ex: Human Revolution," letting you know which ones are mandatory, which ones are fun and which ones are best left to the non-cybernetic squares.

A quick note about how you unlock new augmentations in the game. Completing objectives will earn Jensen experience points and eventually level him up. Every time he reaches a new level, he'll earn a Praxis point. These are basically skill points which you can use to unlock new augmentations. You can also earn Praxis points as items hidden in the world, and you can purchase them for a hefty sum at a nearby med clinic.









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call of duty black ops

Hopefully you've already seen the new trailer from Activision for the "Call of the Dead" zombies map in next week's Escalation DLC for "Call of Duty: Black Ops." If you haven't, go watch it. Right now. We're going to talk about it after the jump, the various new features revealed and possibly revealed in the generous-yet-still-painfully-short series of images that flash by. Spoilers(?) and screen caps to come. You've been warned.


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Portal 2

When you were first watching Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight," was any part of you surprised that the movie was rated PG-13? This movie, with its intense violence (the pencil scene alone!), was approved by the MPAA for viewers aged 13 and above. And yet, when you think again, how much do you really see? You never see the Joker jam a pencil in someone's eye. You see some blood, sure, but most of the intense, disturbing stuff in that movie is all filled in by your imagination and by Heath Ledger's amazing performance.

The very same thing happens when playing "Portal 2," a game which is rated E-10 for Everyone by the ESRB. What other games have an E-10 rating? "Cake Mania Main Street," "Wildlife: Forest Survival" and "Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge."


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Nintendo 3DS

After more than six years, Nintendo will finally release a truly new handheld device this weekend: the Nintendo 3DS. At $250, it's not exactly cheap, so the decision of whether to pick one up should be made with care. I've been messing around with the US version of the device for about two weeks now, so I hope my experience will help to direct you one way or the other. I'll start with the basics first before delving into the nitty gritty.


The Nintendo 3DS is a new gaming handheld device from Nintendo. Unlike the many redesigns to the Nintendo DS, the 3DS is a brand new device with its own set of games and features. Most notable of these features is its ability to present 3D graphics to the player without them needing to wear glasses.



Sword and Sworcery EP

There are a handful of games that have attempted to integrate Twitter in some way. "Uncharted 2" was probably the most flagrant example of how not to do it. After reviewers with early copies entered their Twitter information into the game, their followers were bombarded with a pre-created tweet every single time they finished a chapter. The developer reacted quickly, turning off the feature almost entirely by the time the game launched. Since then, there have been games to attempt it but none have done much beyond creating more Twitter spam for your followers.

Yesterday saw the release of "Sword & Sworcery EP" for the iPad. In the official description on the App Store, the game encourages players to "co-operate with friends via Twitter." That seems to imply that there's some sort of gameplay impact with the Twitter functionality. An intriguing concept.


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