The main guy in this video, Stuttering Craig, tells me there's no hard feelings intended. I'll keep you posted on who wins this challenge, his guys or Soulja Boy. Sure it's a funny clip and a catchy remix. But guess who I'm rooting for?

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em to me in a voice message on Xbox Live last night: "I know you're mad that you lost. So do some training and we'll have a rematch. Then I'll whup you again."

I accept, Soulja Boy. I accept.

You saw the main event yesterday, the video of the video game battle between me and the rapper many gamers love to hate. Before I move on to other topics, I'd like to share some final details about this experience:

--> Soulja Boy's a real gamer: I was impressed that Soulja Boy brought his own Xbox 360 hard drive to our match. I was impressed that, when we were talking about how we should play a fighting game as our third game, he not only suggested "Mortal Kombat Vs. D.C." but asked one of his friends in his entourage to get it from his tour bus. Yes, he travels with a stack of games.

But what impressed me most about Soulja Boy's gaming skills is this: Read More...

This is what happens when you:

a) Play a rapper who plays "Gears of War 2" on his tour bus every day.
b) Edit a blog called Multiplayer but mostly play single-player games.
c) Try your best but let down the many, many people who send you Xbox Live messages and Twitter notes about how "everyone around the world is rooting" for you and how you need to "serve that destroyer of hip-hop a healthy dosage of pwnage!"
d) Come really, really close to winning.

Watch all three segments of our titanic video game battle, all embedded in this post up top and below:


When Soulja Boy challenged MTV Multiplayer's own blog editor Stephen Totilo to an Xbox 360 face-off in October, we couldn't let it go unchallenged. Stephen recently responded to his offer, and the rapper, famous for his dislike of "Braid," stopped by the MTV offices to put all this smack-talk to rest.

The competition went down today, but check back tomorrow for the full video and to see who won (and if developers' tips helped Stephen at all). For now, take a look at some photos from just a few moments ago...


As you know from yesterday's post, I expect to be playing Xbox 360 against rapper Soulja Boy next week. And I expect he's going to want to play me in a game like "Gears of War 2" or "Halo 3."

I'm not exactly great at either of those games, so what am I to do?

I asked people who made those games for some anti-Soulja-Boy tips. The game developers of the world have come through for me! Some would say I should keep these secret, but you never know when you too might face off against the famous rapper.

So in the interest of public service...

"Gears of War 2" Lead Creator Cliff Bleszinski's Anti-Soulja-Boy Playing Tips

--> Use your smoke grenades to incapacitate him and then rush in with a chainsaw finish.

--> The one two punch of melee plus shotgun is always a good thing.

--> When in doubt, bring up "Braid" and how trippy it was. He's likely to start spouting and become distracted.

Hit the jump to read what Bungie told me to do if I face Soulja Boy in their game. Read More...

Soulja Boy Tell'Em, the rapper gamers love (or love to hate) has called me out by name. He's mispronounced my name. And he's challenged me to face him on the Xbox 360.

I can name the game, the time, the place. I'm going to be traveling the next couple of days, so before I respond to him, I am opening it all up to you. How should I respond?

A word of warning, my friends. I may edit a blog called Multiplayer, but single-player gaming is where my skills are at. Look up my gamertag -- StephenMTV -- to get a sense of my abilities. Perhaps a speed-run competition in "Braid" is in order?

So, what should I tell him? In what manner should I crush him?

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(Videos not viewable by users logging in from Canada or the U.K.)

Call me crazy, but when I saw the YouTube video featuring rapper Soulja Boy Tell'Em laughingly "reviewing" Xbox Live Arcade game "Braid," I didn't take offense the way many other fans of the game did. Sure, he called the game "stupid as hell," but it appeared to me that he was having fun, possibly despite himself.

So when I saw the interview tape we got back from our L.A. team's interview with him last week, I was disappointed that he responded to my submitted question about naming a game he doesn't like by calling out "Braid." For the record, the three games he said he thinks gamers should be excited about are: "Gears of War 2," "Saint's Row 2" and "Grand Theft Auto IV."

Soulja Boy fans and haters, brace yourself: there's one more post about the famous rapper coming to Multiplayer a little later today, a post that will greatly benefit from all of your feedback.

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(Videos not viewable by users logging in from Canada or the U.K.)

Over at I've got a brief report about Soulja Boy Tell'Em, everyone's favorite (or least-favorite) video game critic.

When a famous person talks about games as publicly as Soulja Boy has, we need to ask them some questions. So when I heard that our L.A. team was going to be interviewing the rap star last week during a music video shoot I shot over some interview questions. On Tuesday you'll hear a little more from him about "Braid," find out what his favorite games are... and I've got one other pretty classic piece of video from him that everyone who reads this blog will appreciate, guaranteed.

Today, just take in Soulja Boy's stories about crushing gamers on Xbox Live and his analysis of why the PlayStation 3 is no good.

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