chunli.jpgIt is amazing how a few recent gaming announcements have had a unique effect on me.

No, it wasn't the fact that the Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive was price-dropped (again). And, no, surprisingly it was none of the recent leaked info on "Mario Kart" for the Wii. It was actually news about a genre that seems to fade a little more each and every year, as well as the characters within it...

By now most gamers are aware that "Street Fighter IV" has been announced. If you happened to miss yesterday's leaked Famitsu news, a few more original characters have been added to the roster: E. Honda, Dhalsim, and Chun-Li, the last of which was extremely important for me to hear. Why?

Because Chun-Li matters.

You see, my dear Multiplayer friends, I have had an ongoing infatuation with Chun-Li since I first laid my hands on a SNES controller (I was too young to be hanging around at the arcades back in those days). Chun-Li was my first gaming crush, and she has shaped the way I look at and play fighting games ever since the early '90s.



Last week we ran an interview I did with Retro Studios, makers of the "Metroid Prime" series on I couldn't fit all the best material and left some of the more hardcore-oriented questions for today.

I wanted to know why the didn't open this game with the traditional Samus-loses-her-powers bit.

I wanted to know why they keep ending "Prime" games with collection quests that some gamers are vocally against. I asked about their relationship with the speed-running community that strives to break their games, their thoughts on whether top-level artists really want to make Wii graphics, and why one of the game's gesture controls wasn't working for me.

Oh yeah, and I asked them about that supposed "Metroid Dread" reference.

I grilled 'em, people! But they were great sports, and they had a lot of smart things to say. Read on and see for yourself.



In light of my tendancy to gush about a certain company that made a little grey box that changed my life we have a couple of items of bad news for Nintendo fans today.

  1. There will be no online multiplayer included in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
  2. There will be no playable Smash Bros. Brawl at E3 next week.


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