And so begins the long wait until Monday morning ... in the meantime, please enjoy our links:

Jason's Pick - Bad Guys With Stupid Names: There have been some great games in the last few years, but there have also been some horribly named villians, and GameDaily was nice enough to put together a wonderful list of them.

Patrick's Pick -Rare Denies "Banjo Kazooie" Has Motion Controls: Hopefully, we'll close the book on all of this next week.

Tracey's Pick - Tokyopop Calls Ghostbusters: Tokyopop will produce a manga based on Ghostbusters to be cross-promoted with the video game.

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Thursday's Multiplayer Links:

Jason's Pick - "Onechanbara"'s Coming The The Wii: GamesRadar announces that the zombie slayer will be coming Stateside later this year. Is it wrong that I'm interested?

Stephen's Pick -- What Is Nintendo's "Captain Rainbow"? Just when I thought announcements of new Wii games couldn't get any more surprising...

Patrick's Pick - "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" Three-Person Bike: This seems like this could make a good game, too. Maybe for Wii? The developers of "Major League Eating" might want to take a look.

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We hope you'll enjoy Wednesday's links:

Jason's Pick - 14 Classic Tech Rivalries: While it might not be 100% about video games, there sure have been a lot of game releated rivalries over the last few years.

Tracey's Pick - Ubisoft Acquires Visual Effects Studio Behind 300, Sin City: This should have some interesting results...

Stephen's PickLed Zeppelin Not So Into Rhythm Games: One of the world's most famous rock bands has been resistant to overtures from the makers of games like "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero" -- and not for financial reasons. [via 1up

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This time next week, the cat will be out of the bag for Nintendo and Microsoft, only time will tell what they will announce.

Please enjoy Tuesday's links:

Jason's Pick - Yamaha Tenori-on: Everything You Wanted To Know: The mind behind "Electroplankton" is releasing a unique, touch-based musical instrument and Engadget goes hands on with it.

Patrick's Pick - NeoGAF Response to Denis Dyack's Criticisms: I'm not particularly inclined to read through what I'm anticipating is a 50+ page message board train wreck. Are you?

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After last week's interesting announcements, I can only wonder what news this week holds.

Enjoy today's links:

Jason's Pick - Top 10 of Akihabara's Most Expensive Retro Games: If you've got some money to blow, and you happen to be in Japan, you might want to pick up some of these games.

Patrick's Pick - Console "Diablo III" Theoretically Possible: I can see how this might work, but it'd feel weird to not be endlessly clicking away in a "Diablo" game. Not sure how I feel about this.

Tracey's Pick - Wall-E Is the First Arabic Language Next-Gen Game: Wonder what's next... [via GameSetWatch]

Stephen's Pick - The Totilo TV Debate Re-Examined: 1Up writer Shawn Elliott uses the controversy over a certain someone's standard definition television as a way to discuss the narrowly-cast views of some gamers.

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It's the day before Independence Day, so you should feel free to enjoy today's links:

Jason's Pick - Don’t Get Chumpatized: Missile Commander Roy Schildt Speaks Up: Mr. Awesome has a few thoughts on Billy Mitchell, which are definitely worth reading.

Tracey's Pick - DC Universe Online's MySpace Page: A lot of cool content is now up on the site, including an invite to a DCUO party at Comic Con. [via Joystiq]

Stephen's Pick: Mega 'Mega Man' Coverage: I lost the ability to keep up with the Mega Man series a long time ago. Thankfully the Press The Buttons blog can still manage. Several posts on that blog this week help make sense of the good and bad of the "Mega Man" series.

Patrick's Pick - "Unreal Tournament 3" Getting Dedicated Servers on Xbox 360: I wonder if "Unreal Tournament" will find a suitable home on Xbox 360. Maybe this will help. I've been disappointed at the lack of fandom surrounding the PlayStation 3 version. It's one of my favorite series.

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We're halfway through the week, and here are today's links:

Jason's Pick - Game & Watch: A Retrospective: DS Fanboy takes a look back at where Nintendo's video game involvement really started.

Patrick's Pick - "Chrono Trigger" Finally Coming to DS?!?!: This better be true. This better be true.

Tracey's Pick - George Romero Clueless About Dead Rising? It seems that the movie director hasn't even heard of the game, much less the lawsuit the "Dawn of the Dead" rights holders have against Capcom.

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Check out what your friends at Multiplayer thought was awesome around the web yesterday:

Jason's Pick - 50 Skills That Every Gamer Should Master: Read it. Learn It. Live it.

Patrick's Pick - "Quantam of Solace" Trailer Released: I love James Bond. I really, really want to play a good James Bond game. Do you think Treyarch has the talent to make their "Quantam of Solace" game work?

Stephen's Pick - "Too Human" Feeding Frenzy: This is what happens when one of gaming's most colorful message boards loses faith in a game.

Happy Monday. We hope you enjoy today's link selections:

Jason's Pick - 25 Rarest Nintendo Games: CVG put together the perfect list for the fanboy with money to burn.

Tracey's Pick - The official "Diablo III" Website: Stay a while and listen...

Stephen’s Pick
Stephen’s Links To The Stories He Did At Kotaku Friday

Gamers Gush Over (Mostly) Make Believe Games
My Game Collection Is This Small
PC Gaming Barely Attending E3
Was There A Better Way To Pitch A Lego: Transformers Game?
DS Threatens To Make Textbooks Obsolete At Tokyo Girls School
Playing Fallout 2 While Stupid
Goodbye, Flintstones!

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It's been one of the busiest weeks ever here at Multiplayer, and it's all about to come to an end, horray for the weekend.

Please enjoy Friday's Multiplayer links:

Jason's Pick - Hop's Top 10 Fighting Games: Continued proof that I will link to anything that even mentions "Marvel vs. Capcom 2."

Stephen’s Pick
Stephen’s Links To The Stories He Did At Kotaku Yesterday

Variety Troubled By Sid Meier's Next Game
Guitar Hero Spreading, Spawning Action Figures
Nintendo Third Parties Don't Need Your Pity, Publisher Says
The Definitive List Of Video Game Comics
When Spore PS3 Controller Creatures Rumble!
Virginia Tech Grad Ponders Game About Shootings' Aftermath
Ever Re-Name A Video Game?
Less Music In Dead Space, Please
Missing Handheld Gaming's Golden Age

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