Friday brings you the last ever R.T.F.A! It's true...

Stephen's Final Pick -- Itagaki Legal Drama Unfolds
: The excellent reporting by Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft continues, as he chronicles the war of words, exchange of documents and transcripts of scandalous phone conversations all involving the surprise departure of star game designer Tomonobu Itagaki from Japanese game company Tecmo several weeks ago. Multiple articles to read at the link here.

Tracey's Final Pick -- Playstation 2 component incites African war: "Kids in Congo were being sent down mines to die so that kids in Europe and America could kill imaginary aliens in their living rooms."

Thursday brings lots of rain here in New York and at least one article worth reading that's not on this here Multiplayer blog...

Stephen's Pick - PixelJunk Eden Trophies And Stuff: Developer Dylan Cuthbert uses words, pictures and movies to showcase his team's upcoming PSN game, one that's already become a personal favorite for 2008. From the official PlayStation blog.

Tracey's Pick - Counting Rupees: E3 lives! Jeff Engel and Geoff Brooks over at Joystiq aren't quite ready to hammer the final nail in E3's coffin.

Links for you to read when you should really be reading Multiplayer...

Stephen's Pick - Don't Say "Casual": Game designer Chris Charla writes about a bad word in gaming over at Edge Online.

Patrick's Pick - Capcom To Sell "Mega Man 9" Box Art T-Shirts: Already bought, even though that's not even physically possible. I've bought it with my mind.

Tracey's Pick - The New 'Afrika' Trailer: Sure, I can take photos at E3, but can I handle an African safari? I am so excited for this, and can't wait to see more. Anybody with me?

More top links that we think are cool...

Patrick's Pick - Capcom Lays Out Ambitious Comic-Con Plans: Looks like one publisher is finally understanding how big of a deal Comic-Con is. More companies need to start mobilizing a presence down in San Diego. Yes, it's right after E3, but it's a completely different consumer. Bravo, Capcom.

Stephen's Pick - A Better Reviews Site?: Giant Bomb finally launches. How many stars should we give it?

With Multiplayer blogger Jason Cipriano moving on to exciting new opportunities, your blog editor gets to write these intros from now on. And that's my first one!

Stephen's Pick - MAG Secrets Slip Out: Kotaku hears from a Deep Throat intimately familiar with Sony's E3-announced 256-player "Massive Action Game."

Tracey's Pick - Missing in Action - The No Shows of E3: Sure, we talked about everything we saw at E3, but what about what we didn't see? "Brütal Legend," "Beyond Good and Evil 2," etc., etc.

E3 is always a long week, and this one has been no different. This past week was full of announcements, news, and other surprises, but nothing particularly stood out above the rest. Does that mean it was an overall under whelming E3, or are the publishers saving their best stuff for TGS and Liepzig? We'll know soon...

Jason's Pick - "Gears of War 2" More Expensive Edition: The limited edition version of "Gears" looks great and would be a worthy addition to any fan's library, especially since it only costs and extra $20.

* R.T.F.A. stands for “Read The Full Article.”

Usually, by the Thursday of E3 week, most of the big announcements have already happened, and that's when it really becomes all about the games. Let's see if that's how this year goes as well.

Jason's Pick - Trophies Coming To The PSP As Well: While this is still a rumor, there is something really appealing about being able to receive validation for your accomplishments on the go.

* R.T.F.A. stands for “Read The Full Article.”

Even with the big press conferences over there's still room for breaking news, just check out the two posts below from Stephen about "Halo" and "Guitar Hero."

Jason's Pick - Banjo Kazooie On XBLA With Stop And Swop Capabilities: I guessed I missed this at the MS presser. Apparently Rare, Microsoft, and Nintendo can work something out to get "Banjo" up on XBLA, but they can't figure things out for "GoldenEye." What a shame.

Microsoft let their cat out of the bag yesterday, and now it's time for Nintendo and Sony to step up to the plate. While you're waiting to watch the press conferences, feel free to check out today's links:

Jason's Pick - Vote For "Street Fighter IV Characters": Sure, there isn't really a whole lot to read, but as any "Street Fighter" fan knows, it is extremely important.

* R.T.F.A. stands for “Read The Full Article.”

As E3 falls upon us, three quarters of the Multiplayer staff are headed to the show so that our readers stay well informed of everything that's going on. However, I am the lonesome staff member left to hold down the fort in NYC, and part of the tasks that come with that are handling our daily links by myself. Apparently everyone else will be too busy to troll the internets for their own interesting links. So, I hope you enjoy my favorite links for the week.

Jason's Pick: Rare Metal Fueled African "Playstation War": Proof that a lot more goes into making your game consoles than just creative marketing.

* R.T.F.A. stands for “Read The Full Article.”

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