You can tell that someone who loves Internet memes helped program the mobile version of Konami’s “Rock Revolution.” While playing through “Dance Dance” by Fall Out Boy and fumbling with the controls, the game kicked me out on account of 21-straight “Epic Fails.” Read More...

Last week, I complained about the lack of holiday-themed DLC for band games.

So I followed up with the makers of "Guitar Hero: World Tour," "Rock Band" and "Rock Revolution" to see if they had any last-minute holiday songs up their sleeves.

Today, MTV Games and Harmonix are announcing through Multiplayer the December 23 release of the "Rock Band" "Rockin' the Holidays 2008" downloadable track pack, which includes three songs: "Hanukkah Blessings" by Barenaked Ladies, "Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You" by Billy Squier and The Pretenders' version of "Blue Christmas." Each track will be $.99 (80 Microsoft Points) each or for $2.99 (240 Microsoft Points) for the pack.

Meanwhile, a Konami rep confirmed that "Rock Revolution" will not get any holiday songs. Activision also told me that there won't be any holiday music available for download for "Guitar Hero: World Tour," but wanted to remind me that new, exclusive songs for Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and The Eagles are available this month. And on December 23, players will get three free Reggae tracks from Pepper, Slightly Stoopid and Expendables. (And Patrick did find some homebrew holiday songs on GHTunes created by its players.)

Also, a reader correctly pointed out that "Wii Music" has two Christmas songs: "Jingle Bell Rock" and "O Christmas Tree."

So will this satisfy your holiday band game needs, or is this too little too late?

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The disc-only version of Konami's "Rock Revolution" was released last week, but the drum kit-and-game bundle won't be in stores until next month.

I was told by Konami reps last month that if you can't wait until then, you can buy the game and use MTV Games' "Rock Band" drum kit, in addition to Activision's "Guitar Hero" or "Rock Band" guitars.

In my tiny apartment, I currently have both the "Rock Revolution" drum kit (borrowed courtesy of Konami) and my "Rock Band" drum set (wireless version) for the Xbox 360. So I decided to compare what happens when I played the game, tailored to a six-pad drum kit, with a four pad one. Will "Rock Revolution" scale the difficulty accordingly? Read More...

Today Konami confirmed to MTV Multiplayer that there are no plans to make a guitar peripheral for its band game "Rock Revolution."

"At this time, Konami will only be releasing 'Rock Revolution' with a drum peripheral; there are no plans for a guitar peripheral," said Mondona Akhazan, an associate product manager at Konami. "Initially, when we started making the game, we designed it to be more of a drum-focused game. We have our competitors out there that created games that are focused more around the guitars, so with this we really wanted to pay homage to the drummer."

However, Konami reiterated that competing titles' guitars -- namely those of Activision's "Guitar Hero" and MTV's "Rock Band" -- will work with the game (at a demo today, I used a wireless Xbox 360 "Guitar Hero" guitar). The "Rock Revolution" drum set will also be compatible with the other games, even though it has six pads, while "Rock Band" has four and "Guitar Hero: World Tour" has five.

According to PR at the event, the "Rock Revolution" game will recognize which drum set you're using and how many inputs the peripheral has. Then the game will reconfigure and scale the drum tracks to have the corresponding amount of playable notes depending on the drum peripheral being used.

The stand-alone game comes out on October 14, while the game and drum set bundle will be released in mid-November. No price point has been announced at this time.

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The plastic instrument compatibility war appear to be almost over.

Reading between the lines this morning, however, it seemed Konami's "Rock Revolution" wouldn't feature its own guitar peripheral.

When asked, "Rock Revolution" associate producer Keith Matejka kept things vague. "Konami hasn't announced a guitar peripheral for 'Rock Revolution' at this point," he said.

Either Matejka is subtly hinting to us Konami isn't producing a guitar for "Rock Revolution" or the publisher has an ace up its sleeve. Regardless, your "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" guitars will work just fine in "Rock Revolution." "We are compatible with all major guitar peripherals on the market," confirmed Matejka.

Having one less instrument around the house wouldn't be the end of the world.

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'Rock Band'Music game fans can rejoice that the incompatibility wars of "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero" are already... over?

We broke the news last month that "Rock Band 2" and "Guitar Hero: World Tour" instruments will be cross-compatible on the Xbox 360, at least according to Activision.

Today, Sony's official U.S. PlayStation blog reports that all drums, guitars and mics for "Rock Band 2," "Guitar Hero: World Tour," Konami's "Rock Revolution" and "SingStar" will all work with each other.

This comes after a year of incompatible instruments and allegations that the makers of these games were preventing the previous version of these games' guitars from working with each other. The announcement is progress all around, considering, among other things, that even "SingStar" wasn't mic-compatible with any games until this announcement.)

Michael Shorrock, director of third-party relations for Sony Computer Entertainment America added to that news by stating that legacy titles are being looked at as well: "We’re still working hard to ensure compatibility between the Guitar Hero and Rock Band titles currently on the market, and we hope to have an announcement on that shortly."

Read the full report on Sony's official blog: PS3 Music Peripheral Compatibility Update

I came away from my first experience with Konami's "Rock Revolution" a bit frustrated. The drums, while pleasantly complex, were daunting on the first go round.

E3 provided another opportunity to step up to the plate. Six buttons and a kick pedal or not, I wanted to slide up the difficulty settings and put the drum set to the test.

Last time, I played on easy. Piece of cake. This round, I picked Blink 182's "All The Small Things," ratcheted up the difficulty an unprecedented medium. How did I fare? Better, but I still ran into some of the same issues from before…


'Rock Band'At today we have a report about "Rock Revolution" publisher Konami's recent lawsuit against the makers of "Rock Band." Konami alleges that MTV-owned development studio Harmonix has been infringing on three Konami patents.

In my report, MTV PR provides comment about the legal action:

"Konami's actions are extremely surprising," an MTV spokesperson said of the suit. "Unfortunately, successful products such as 'Rock Band' can often become targets for baseless litigation. We have substantial defenses to this claim and intend to vigorously defend it."

Read the full story: 'Rock Band' Creators Sued By 'Rock Revolution' Publisher Konami

(Full disclosure: While "Rock Band" is published by MTV, we cover it at MTV News and MTV Multiplayer with same standards we cover all other video games.)

With the announcement of "Rock Band 2" earlier this morning, the Rhythm Game Track Finder saw a huge update. Even though no songs were announced for the game, 157 songs were added to the "RB2" entry in the Track Finder, all downloadable content for "Rock Band." These included the four tracks that were added to "Rock Band."

In addition to the "Rock Band" updates, a new game was added, "Rock Revolution" from Konami. The game will be released later this year with 40 tracks, this week we added 14 of them to the track finder.

The full list of updates is below:
Rock Band (Xbox 360, PS3) 4 Songs Added (Motley Crue's "Down At The Wiskey," Trapt's "Who's Going Home With You Tonight?," Papa Roach's "Time Is Running Out," and a free track from Vesuvius' "Promised Land")
Rock Band 2 (Xbox 360, PS3) 157 Songs Added
Rock Revolution (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS) 14 Songs Added

As always, go to, for all this and more — it’s the definitive search engine for all your music gaming needs.

'Rock Band'Sometimes a man's got to juggle two blogs. And sometimes a man's got to give in and post the same thing in both places. Patrick Klepek's coverage of what we're calling "The New Console War" spread beyond Multiplayer.

As I just noted on Kotaku as well, he's given a comprehensive look at what is going to be a three-way (even four-way, depending on how you look at it) competition among major music games this fall. We'll be on this story all year.

Klepek does, I think, a great job of setting up some of the main issues:

  • Instrument Compatibility
  • Band Exclusivity
  • Price
  • Consumer desire to buy more instruments
  • Support for Downloadable Content

Read: 'Rock Band'/ 'Guitar Hero' Rivalry Heats Up, Draws Third Competitor

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