The Razer Blade is kind of the PC market's answer to consoles. You have a ready to use machine that will meet all your gaming needs -- at home or on the go. Though all gaming laptops lack a certain bit of future-proofing, Razer's systems are known for their design, power, functionality, and ease of use. The latest model may seem like a second-string runner up to the Pro, but what it lacks in extras it more than makes up for with elegance and strength. Simply put, the Razer Blade is the industry standard for laptop gaming.

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Pro gaming peripheral maker, Razer, occasionally dabbles in branded merch. More often, these new peripherals are a recolored version of an existing product. If showing off your love for a particular game or franchise is your thing, then this League of Legends Naga Hex should fit the bill quite nicely.

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Razer seems to always have a newer, better, more responsive controller just behind a curtain and the latest product from their testing lab proves to be a great addition to anyone seeking a competitive edge- for a price. Titled "Sabertooth," it iterates on the "Onza" in a few useful ways while also providing several mappable buttons for a customized playing interface for many of your gaming needs. It's a neat controller but is it worth a buy? Find out after the jump.

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