By Joseph Leray

When Ubisoft announced last week that they were delaying the Wii U version of Marcel Ancel and Ubisoft Montpelier’s “Rayman Legends” until September to coincide with a Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 port, I doubt they realize the size of the wasp’s nest they were kicking.

When news of the delay started breaking, an indignant ex-Ubisoft staffer took to Spanish games site El Otro Lado, claiming that the Wii U version of “Legends” was finished and railing against Ubisoft’s treatment of its developers: “We had a first delay because it was obvious we couldn't finish on time, but we gave it all to be there on February,” writes user Zeta69 “What face do you think we had when, the week we had to close the game, we're being told it's not going to be released? I couldn't believe it.”

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