2007 Video Game Music Awards Models -- They Presented The Winners By Having The Winners Painted On Them
On Tuesday we reported that Jack Black will host the Spike Video Game Awards, an event that will host gameplay footage premieres of some major titles.

But, you asked, what about the painted naked women? How could they not be returning? I got an answer. Read More...

What we have here is possibly the oddest event shot in the MTV Newsroom in 2008.

First, actress Alison Carroll -- playing the role of Lara Croft to hype the release of "Tomb Raider: Underworld" -- flexibly demonstrates what the fictional archaeologist would do if our newsroom was a tomb and a stapler was a treasure.

As you can imagine, this bit of gymnastics provoked a lot of gawking.

Then, in the second segment, Carroll made me (and helped me) do some of the moves. I risked life and limb to shoot this, so you better watch. My tumbling routine is in the second segment.

(Videos not viewable by users logging in from Canada or the U.K.)

Valve's "Left 4 Dead" is steeped in the traditions of b-movie horror films. It's frantic, scary and gory, but not meant to be taken particularly seriously, either.

Along those lines, Valve produced four fake movie posters based on the game's levels -- "Blood Harvest," "Death Toll," "No Mercy" and "Dead Air."

We're not sure if they're planning on making these posters available for purchase, but Valve included mini versions of them while sending over "Left 4 Dead." I've scanned smaller versions above, but if you want to see them bigger…


As of this typing, more than 750,000 people have watched the above clip on YouTube, an apparent work of amateur genius -- "Guitar Hero" played with bicycle and pavement.

Think that clip is too unreal to be real?

I got on the phone today with an executive from Activision to find out the real history behind that clip. First of all, the company expected some of you to cry foul. Read More...

The people at PlayStation sent me a PSP carrying case and a press release about how great a year it's been for Sony's handheld video game system. That's nice. But was truly special was that the carrying case contained a carboard PSP. It is slim, light and does not consume electricity. I believe it absorbs spills more effectively than a PSP 2000 or even a PSP 3000, but I haven't tested it yet.

See the cardboard PSP right below:

Last night I attended a "Girls Night Out" event which focused on "Animal Crossing: City Folk."

So how did Nintendo try to sell "Animal Crossing" to a group of women?


Can we not have nice things? Can we not share the wonders of opening up the many packages sent to the MTV Multiplayer blog with all of you readers?

There would be a risk, though, that if game companies knew we were opening our mail for the public that they might try to manipulate us. They might game the system by sending boxes they otherwise wouldn't send. Just to get their game a little more recognition.

They might send us a box like this:

I found this box suspicious. Note the two mailing labels and my name merely scrawled in magic marker. Warily, I opened this box. Read More...

Have you seen the videos promoting the launch of Ubisoft's voice-operated RTS "EndWar"?

The trailer is full of bombs and explosions -- even a shot of the Capitol Building blowing up -- as the futuristic world of "EndWar" enters near-apocalypse. These events appear to follow an evenly contested 2008 Presidential Election campaign (we don't find out who wins).

The video teases the game's release date, tomorrow, which is coincidentally (or not-so-coincidentally) the day after Americans vote for their next President. "EndWar" has a fictional premise, but it's still a bit unnerving to see it show the country and the world torn apart. Does the timing of "EndWar," combined with its grim setting, throw anyone else for a loop?

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If you'd like Electronic Arts-branded versions of Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden or Sarah Palin as spaceships in your "Spore" world, you're in luck.

There are plenty of political creations in the Sporepedia, but Electronic Arts and Maxis have gone and created their own for users.

In their "Spore" profiles, Obama and Biden are rated with a smiley and listed as a "flourishing species," while McCain and Palin have a frown and are tagged as "endangered species." What's that say about "Spore" users?

In a note sent to gaming press, EA encouraged users to hop into the Sporepedia and vote for their favorites. "Who knows, you just might see Obama firing 'YesYouCannons' around the galaxy, or witness firsthand John McCain being 'mavericky,'" reads the note.

To see a much larger image of the candidates in "Spore" and some truly bizarre user-created alternatives to each of them, keep reading.


It's October, which means the gaming press is bound to get some Halloween-themed swag in the mail. Like candy perhaps.

But today, I got something different from D3 Publisher: I got... a bikini. Size small.

To promote their upcoming sword-fighting zombie games "Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers" on the Wii and "Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad" on the Xbox 360, I received my own costume kit to dress up as the protagonist, a Japanese cowgirl named Aya. It came with a feather boa, a cowboy hat, a samurai sword, fake blood and a striped "Onechanbara"-branded two-piece swimsuit.

You know, I think it's a little cold in New York to be wearing this, so I'm going to have to pass on this one. Hit the jump for more pics. Read More...

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