Best Buy is currently throwing a back to school sale, with the idea being that it'll help prepare the student in one's family for the fall by equipping him or her with the latest tech.

And true, one can see a brand new laptop or cell phone becoming a valuable aide in class, but for whatever reason, video games are thrown into the mix, which seems a tad bit counterproductive.

But who cares; the most important thing is that it's a chance to score some decent games on the cheap. The entire selection can be found on Best Buy's website. Though standouts include God of War: Ascension, Ni No Kuni, Modern Warfare 3, and the Walking Dead, each for just $20.

Though act fast; the deals are only valid till this Saturday. At that point, it leaves you exactly one month to beat everything until classes officially start.

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It only happens every few years -- when the planets align and the secret cabal of developers, publishers, manufacturers, and retailers convening in ancient, forgotten depths to speak to life a new generation of console gaming. We all knew this day was coming, as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony riled up the throbbing mob of gamers to draw lines in the sand and choose or perish. We learned tons of new and interesting stuff about the Xbox One and PS4 and got to see a bit of the big three's gaming line-up for the upcoming months. That said, there were plenty surprises, disappointments, and confusion about where exactly are these console makers going.

But that doesn't really matter because if the mass of gamers are anything, they're passionately blind about their fangirl/boy-ism for which ever corporation they feel speaks to them on an intimate level. Naming a winner of E3 can have massive blowback if the company declared "victor" can't deliver but -- for now -- there's definitely one black box that everyone has their eye on.

The officially, unofficial winner of E3 is Sony.

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Hey you guys, "Battlefield 4" looks absolutely nuts. EA showed off a little bit of the popular multiplayer during their stage show at E3. While I impatiently wait for the video release, my print screen button was heating up during the intense firefight. So here's a recap in screens!

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The character design that became the subject of a song that in turn became an OAV (and later an animated series) is making its way to the PSP on April 23rd from NIS America.


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Yesterday PlayStation announced the third annual PSN Gamer's Choice awards are open for voting, with winners set to get discounted on Tuesday, February 26th. The digital awards cover a total of 10 categories, including Best PSN Exclusive, Best PSN Game, Best Indie Game, Best PS3 Game and Best PS Vita Game. Read More...

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The rapid-paced third-person shooter from Platinum Games can be seen, in a lot of ways, as a dry run for the Japanese developer's big release this week, "Metal Gear Rising Revengeance." Both games emphasize speed, with "Revengeance" offering a layer of finesse to the robot terrorist smashing. The 2010 game joines "Mega Man Maverick Hunter X" and the MMOFPS "Dust 514" as part of Sony's PS Plus freebies for the week.


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Idea Factory is the developer behind such romance-heavy efforts as "Uwasa no Midori-kun!!" Keiji Inafune helped create Mega Man and has some very strong opinions about the Japanese game industry. Well, Siliconera is pointing to the recently-announced "Sweet Fuse: At Your Side," which will put the irascible Inafune in a romance game where he owns an amusement park and you can potentially find romance for his fictional niece.


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To celebrate 25 years of heroes, chocobos and magic, Square Enix is offering a huge discount on several of the "Final Fantasy" games available via PlayStation Network. The franchise has touched millions, with 14 installments and countless spin-offs. Now, you can download them at 50% off. Read More...

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Last night, Sony released a 45-second teaser (seen above) that invites gamers to "see the future" on February 20th, 2013. Shortly after, invites to a "PlayStation Meeting" were sent out. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, this "PlayStation Meeting" event, will see the PlayStation 4 get its official reveal. Read More...

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So a warning about this non-review, based on three hours with the gory visual novel from Team GrisGris: at some point in the second chapter, I saved myself into a loop of death and despair, trapped in a sequence where my character would fall down a hole and subsequently watch in terror as his friends were hacked to pieces and thrown down onto him. It's a fitting experience for the game, an existential nightmare which traps a group of high school students inside of a mysterious and deadly school, where they're not only stalked by restless spirits, but a spiral of horrific, bloody fates.


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