Stealing from our old Pronunciation Guide feature, we've turned today's Lunchtime Video into the official explanation of how to pronounce "Ezio" - the name of the lead character in the recently-announced "Assassin's Creed II."

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I am tired of saving other people's reputations while letting my good name get dragged through the mud. Or at least get mispronounced.

No more! For MTV Gamer's Week, I decided to do something special...

There are plenty of other Pronunciation Guides to check out. But, really, do you think any of them top this one?

Americans... stop saying "Ninja Gaiden" wrong. Stop saying "Helena" from "Dead or Alive 4" wrong. And stop saying Tomonobu Itagaki's name wrong. Or else.

You've been warned.

Did you know that this week is Multiplayer's N'Gai Croal theme week? Well neither did I, but somehow he keeps showing up. Hey, N'Gai, try to stay out of our Twitter feed, okay?

Here, the great games journalist explains how to say his name. Somehow he does it without betting anyone. Amazing.

Sadly, residents of the U.K. and Canada -- which includes the Croal family -- will not be able to see this video. Sorry!

Electronic Arts might have beaten Multiplayer to the punch this week, as far as offering a clever way to remember the proper pronunciation of one of the world's leading gaming blogs, Kotaku.

But, hey, we're not about satirizing people here. We're about getting the official word, straight from Mr. Kotaku himself. That's the Pronunciation Guide way.

I knew how to say Kotaku properly. But I've always called the guy "Kruh-shen-tay." Oh well.

Attention, video game community. Pronunciation Guide cannot be stopped. It will not be stopped. Not until every tricky gaming word and gaming term has been pronounced properly.

Today's topic is "Lara Croft," a name you've heard in games and movies but that still gets botched. Thankfully, Morgan Gray, producer of this fall's upcoming "Tomb Raider: Anniversary" for the Wii sets things straight. Listen:

What word will be conquered next?

First, the developers of "Far Cry 2" taught us how to pronounce "Ubisoft." Then "God of War II" game director Cory Barlog revealed how a famous actor told him the right way to say "Kratos. Last week, Nintendo president and name-taker Reggie Fils-Aime schooled us on how to pronounce his last name.

Now German-born video game movie director ("House of the Dead," "Alone in the Dark," "Postal") Uwe Boll wants to set the record straight once and for all:

Got it? Good.

You weren't sure how to say "Ubisoft." ... You thought you knew how to pronounce "Kratos."

Now admit it: You have no idea how to say the last name of gaming's most famous name-taker and you-know-what-kicker, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime.

Never fear, the man himself is here to help. Listen...

Now that we all know how to pronounce "Ubisoft," I thought we should find out how to say "Kratos," the name of the lead character from the "God of War" games.

Did you think you already knew how? So did "God of War II" game director Cory Barlog. But then he got on the phone with a famous actor and received an earful. Take it away, Cory...

Ask not what you can do for the new, improved MTV Multiplayer blog but what the new, improved Multiplayer blog can do for you.

Reading your mind, we've determined that what you' would like some help saying hard-to-pronounce video game words and names. Without further ado, we present the first installment of MTV Multiplayer's Pronunciation Guide. We're actually not going to give the answers ourselves. We're enlisting people who know better.

First up: Hey, Ubisoft developers, how do you say the name of your company? Is it YOO-be-soft? Or OO-be-soft? Listen...

Thanks to members of the "Far Cry 2" team -- Alexandre Amancio (Art Director), Clint Hocking (Creative Director), and Louis-Pierre Pharand (Producer) -- for their fine work. But, no, guys, we're not thanking you for the picture I just linked to.

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