Console fanboys are all waiting with bated breath for the first graphical showdown between the PS4 and Xbox One. Problem is, that's really not possible at the moment.

So how about the next best thing? Like comparing the visual output of PCs that have the specs that more or less mirror the upcoming machines? Well, it's better than nothing.



If you're a fan of Metroidvania gameplay and masked Mexican wrestling, yet lack either a PS or PSVita, then it must be driving you nuts that you haven't been able to give DrinkBox Studios Guacamelee! a spin. But all that changes on August 8th, when Guacamelee: Gold Edition arrives on Steam.


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It's official: the new console is called the PlayStation 4.


Andrew House started the event talking about Sony's consumer-centric vision for the company. From the Vita to previous consoles, they've strived to create play on the goal and in the home. A new console is the result of Sony's desire to match parity with gamer demands for connectivity and developer insight into the needs of a system.

House promised a console that will be the most personalized system, the most adaptable, and offering more opportunities to remain connected even away from the primary console.

Lead system architect and industry veteran Mark Cerny explained that development on the new console bgan four years ago. The key talking point of his time on the stage is in connecting a broad range of services with a single console. Netflix and other services worked well on the PS3, he explained, but they wanted to offer a more fluid, larger world for gamers. In working with developers, he describes the PS4 as a system where the developers are happy, leading to better games.

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Sony's next big thing is finally happening tonight and we'll be there following it live because we're awesome and lucky gaming journos. So what's a plebeian game enthusiast to do when you don't have a ticket to the event? Why, you can watch it live right here thanks to Gametrailers! Just click play in the handy video player above, sit back, and let the console wars begin!

Here's a rough schuedule of the event. [Note that times may change slightly later today]
5:00 PM EST- pre-show at 1515 with Geoff Keighley and various industry journalists
6:00 PM EST- live stream of the Playstation meeting
7:30 PM EST- live post show at 1515 with Geoff Keighley

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With all the gaming happening on tablets like the iPad these days, it’s no surprise more and more mobile games are supporting the use of actual gamepads. Now, Sony’s recent Android-based Tablet S is jumping in with support for Playstation 3 DualShock controllers. Read More...

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by John Constantine

The “Ratchet & Clank” series is the Volkswagon Golf of video games, an unassuming, funny, reliable little machine that gets a new model every twelve months, quietly improving with each passing year. When project lead Brian Alger fired up a demo of this fall’s “Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time”, I was expecting the usual: more weapons, new jokes, etc. “A Crack in Time” turned out to be a lot more than this year’s model.


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When I was writing our round-up of weekly box art reviews yesterday, I couldn't help but notice that the protagonist from stealth-horror hybrid "Vampire Rain: Altered Species" looks just like the lead character from a different PlayStation title. Could it be a mere coincidence? Or did the developers of "Vampire Rain" have "Metal Gear Solid" on the brain?

Need more evidence? Take a look at another set of screenshots: Read More...

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