By Jeffrey Matulef

What's this? A release date pushed forward? Did they not get the memo that all games ever must be pushed back into 2013?

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By Jeffrey Matulef

Update: ALL PAX Prime passes are sold out. That was fast! We hope you got them in time!

We warned you last week that these would go fast, but I don't think even Nostradamus could have predicted that they'd go THIS fast. The PAX Prime registration site began selling passes the morning of April 25th, only for the site to quickly shut down due to technical difficulties. Registration only just reoppened yesterday around 2p.m. PST before all three day passes were sold out after approximately four hours. Sheesh!


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By Jeffrey Matulef

Hot off the heels of the wildly successful PAX East, PAX Prime's registration site officially opened. Registration itself was only open for a brief time, however, as the site encountered technical difficulties. Penny Arcade's Robert Khoo assures us that registration "should reopen next week."

We'd highly recommend registering ASAP as passes tend to sell out fast. Last year three day passes sold out the first week of May, and all passes were sold by May 31st, despite the show not being until Aug 26 and conference organizers gaining clearance to allow 10% more badges. Yikes! Hope you've been saving up. I mean, you can go without food for a week, right?

PAX Prime 2012 is set for Aug 31st - Sept 2nd in Seattle, WA.

[Source: Joystiq]

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The Penny Arcade Expo may be long over, but one of its marquee events has just been posted online for your viewing pleasure. Fans of the Penny Arcade webcomic need no introduction, but for the uninitiated, know that its creators like to occasionally play a little Dungeons & Dragons. Sometimes, thousands of fans gather in person to watch them do so live on stage. The end result is a group of gamers giving you more laughs over a game of D&D than even a prime-time sitcom can deliver.

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Because I am!

I've never attended the Penny Arcade Expo before, but everyone I've talked to has had nothing but good things to say about the Seattle-based fan-tailored convention.

It's been a summer full of events, and based on how fun (and insane) Comic-Con was, I'm looking forward to something that isn't press-centric. PAX isn't about me; it's about you.

But that doesn't mean I can't come along for the ride. And if you're going, let me tell you about a little panel I'll be a part of…


epona_blue_ribbon_281×211.jpgA horse is a horse, of course, of course...

But not these horses.

Two weeks ago, we announced our year-long quest to find the Greatest Animal In Video Game History. First, we proposed a list of the best virtual horses and asked you, the readers, to tell us if we missed any. Then comes phase two today: the official vote.

Now this is serious business, folks. For our Blue Ribbon Panel, we went to straight to the top:

  • A pretty good game creator -- Ken Levine, President and Creative Director of 2K Boston and chief creative force behind the 2007 GOTGOTY
  • A pretty good artist -- Mike "Gabe" Krahulik, illustrator of the "Penny Arcade" webcomic
  • A pretty good writer -- Leigh Alexander, editor of Worlds in Motion, writer at Gamasutra and her blog Sexy Videogameland
  • A pretty knowledgeable person about animals --Tofuburger, co-founder of cultural phenomenon/funny animal picture blog I Can Has Cheezburger

After weighting each judge's top three choices -- many of which, were, uh, shocking -- the winner turned out to be...

Epona from the "Legend of Zelda" series. Pokemon's Rapidash came in at a close second. The horses from "World of Warcraft" tied with Hannah the Horse from "Zoo Race" for third place.

And the Readers' Choice winner: Agro from "Shadow of the Colossus." (Epona was a distant second.)

Are the judges out of touch? Or do they know something the rest of us don't? They are pros, after all. You've got to see what they picked and their justifications (provided in words and pictures). So read on.

Take it away, Ken Levine...

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