Not satisfied with simply taking outposts in "Far Cry 3?" Ubisoft is adding an update this week which will allow you the option to let those hard-won bases go back to their pirate and privateer occupants and keep Jason stalking the Rook Islands, all detailed in a post to the game's forums.

Plus, a fourth difficulty level! And more ways to give feedback on user-created maps! Keep playing "Far Cry 3!"


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Looks like 360 gamers will have to just suck it up: Konami has cancelled the planned Xbox 360 patch for Silent Hill HD Collection which would have resolved issues with screen tearing, audio, sync, and general performance issues.

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Been playing Battlefield 3 and feeling like it was missing just a little something? Well developer DICE seems to think so too, detailing a huge list of fixes major and minor for their game over at Battlefield 3's official blog.

Find out what kind of changes are in store after the jump.

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[Update: not so fast, people. According to Giant Bomb, new bugs may be plaguing the patch including borked magic abilities and backwards-flying dragons. For the time being, you might be better off waiting to download it.]

Tired of pop-in textures, crashes on startup, or just plain annoying performance issues while hacking, slashing, stealing, and doing magic-ing your way through Skyrim? Well, Bethesda's got just the fix for you in their 1.2 patch.

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Eden Games is making some much needed control, camera and inventory changes to "Alone in the Dark" before it arrives on PlayStation 3.

These changes are in direct response to criticisms of the Xbox 360 version. At the Leipzig Games Convention, Eurogamer reported news of a patch so Xbox 360 owners could enjoy the same changes.

While checking out the tweaked "Alone in the Dark" in a San Francisco hotel yesterday, game designer Emile Morel couldn't explicitly promise such a patch was coming.

"We're trying to do it," said Morel. "It's technically complicated. The size of a patch is very limited by Microsoft. So if we do a patch it would only be about the new control and the new camera."

Morel says "only" because the PS3 version also includes a new subway chase sequence that would likely be too large to include in just a mere patch.

"We can't promise it because it is still early," he said. "We are finishing this [PS3] version first. I guess it also depends on the success of this version. If people review it again and said it's not worth it..." [laughs]

Would you reconsider playing "Alone in the Dark" on Xbox 360 if Eden Games delivered the promised tweaks?

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