Some people love when I open my mail "live" on this blog. Some hate it.

Well, if you didn't have enough reason to blame Activision for things in 2008, blame them for this: our Mystery Mail feature is back (for a day?).

See this massive box that was sent to me today? The shipping label indicates that it is from Activision.

It's not a game. I know that because Activision already shipped its major games this year and no game needs to be in a box of that size and shape. My guess, though, is that it's "Guitar Hero" related and Christmas-gifty. But what? A small fake tree? The company had already sent me a "Guitar Hero" drum stool.

Let's open it up...

Can we not have nice things? Can we not share the wonders of opening up the many packages sent to the MTV Multiplayer blog with all of you readers?

There would be a risk, though, that if game companies knew we were opening our mail for the public that they might try to manipulate us. They might game the system by sending boxes they otherwise wouldn't send. Just to get their game a little more recognition.

They might send us a box like this:

I found this box suspicious. Note the two mailing labels and my name merely scrawled in magic marker. Warily, I opened this box. Read More...

Another day, another load of boxes.

Box #1 is from EA and it's large. I'm guessing... "Nerf N-Strike"?

Box #2 is from Sony, and, it would be dishonest for me not to say that I was already informed that I'm getting "Resistance 2" today.

The pile of envelopes are from THQ, D3 and Sony. The Sony one says that it's "ABBA Singstar," so no mystery there. The other two have me thinking they're going to be advanced discs that I won't even be able to mention. I don't know... "Puzzle Quest" and something WWE-related maybe? Let's see....

Oh, and we've got a bonus package, sent to Tracey. The labeling indicates that it contains a skull. She also tells me that "Bossy Bear" is three inches tall.

Let's open this stuff... (Anyone want to recommend a better tag line? We need a signature phrase!) Read More...

Back by popular demand... What could be in the boxes and envelopes that came in the mail for me today?

Box #1 looks like a pizza box. But I know it isn't (the label on the outside says it contains "Singstar".)

Box #2 is from Microsoft. I predict "Gears of War 2" plus ridiculous swag.

Box #3 is from Atlus. I have no idea what it would be. It's accompanied by envelopes from EA (beta tape, I think) and Activision ("Spider-Man: Web of Shadows" is my guess.)

As I did before, I'm writing this post live. See below as we discover together what is really in these boxes. Read More...

We here at MTV Multiplayer get lots of packages. Some contain video games. Some contain candy, "Guitar Hero" stools and other tchotchkes as well as bricabrac.

I've long wanted to share the thrill of opening my mail -- my mystery mail -- with you readers. Today I'm trying just that. It's an experiment.

First, here's what I was delivered today. Two boxes and six envelopes:

One is from Bethesda. Clearly that's a copy of "Fallout 3," but why is it so big? The other is from the "Brooklyn Navy Yard." I have no idea what will be in that. And there's a stack of six envelopes. What could be in them?

Okay. Time to open this stuff. (Yes I'm writing this post live -- and I will have to censor anything that I open that's embargoed.) Ready? Read More...

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