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I was musing recently about the concept of backward compatibility. Specifically, it struck me that the PlayStation 2 may still be the finest example of the concept in terms of execution and scope, a feature that Sony promptly dropped when it released the PlayStation 3.

Here's my dirty secret, though: my PlayStation 2 is still hooked up and is used almost exclusively as a "Final Fantasy XII" machine. (And "Dragon Quest 8," but mostly "XII.") It's one of my favorite games, which is why it's exciting to hear that Square Enix are considering -- if only vaguely and reticently -- an HD remake of "Final Fantasy XII" in the vein of the PlayStation 3 and Vita remasters of "Final Fantasy X" and "X-2."

In an interview with "Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster" producer and Square Enix mainstay Yoshinori Kitase, RPGSite broached the subject by asking if other games in the series might be facelifted for HD consoles.


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TT Games gets delightfully goofy right out of the gate with this E3 trailer for the multiplatform "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes."


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It only happens every few years -- when the planets align and the secret cabal of developers, publishers, manufacturers, and retailers convening in ancient, forgotten depths to speak to life a new generation of console gaming. We all knew this day was coming, as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony riled up the throbbing mob of gamers to draw lines in the sand and choose or perish. We learned tons of new and interesting stuff about the Xbox One and PS4 and got to see a bit of the big three's gaming line-up for the upcoming months. That said, there were plenty surprises, disappointments, and confusion about where exactly are these console makers going.

But that doesn't really matter because if the mass of gamers are anything, they're passionately blind about their fangirl/boy-ism for which ever corporation they feel speaks to them on an intimate level. Naming a winner of E3 can have massive blowback if the company declared "victor" can't deliver but -- for now -- there's definitely one black box that everyone has their eye on.

The officially, unofficial winner of E3 is Sony.

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400Days keyart WIDE

Five new characters will have to brave the zombie outbreak in Telltale's upcoming DLC for the first season of "The Walking Dead."

According to Telltale's E3 announcement, the new set of episodes--which will be playable in any order, are set around a Georgia truck stop, where presumably some bad stuff is going to go down for our five new protagonists.

After the jump, check out screens, a new trailer, and a Vita bundle which will include the entire first season and "400 Days."


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Spike E3

Spike TV is returning to E3 this year as the exclusive broadcast partner, and they have a huge line-up of gaming coverage slated over the course of the first two days of the show. From interviews with industry heavy-hitters like Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Amie and Shigeru Miyamoto, Peter Molyneux, and Microsoft’s Phil Spencer to exclusive game previews for hotly anticipated games like “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” “Killzone: Shadows Fall,” and “Assassins Creed IV.” Plus stick around for press conferences from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony.

Hit the jump for the full schedule, and to watch the live stream, hosted by GTTV’s Geoff Keighley, starting today at noon.


At least, I think the "Dragon's Crown" is something they're fighting for? Who can be sure. In any event, see more of George Kamitani's buff character designs in action in Vanillaware's upcoming hack and slash RPG for the Vita and PS3.

See the "flashy attacker" Amazon (who's like 33% abs) and "Masterful Magician" Wizard do their thing after the jump.


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In a new collection of screens for the upcoming "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes," developer TT Games takes us to Thor's home turf, gives us a glimpse of a Destroyer made of blocks, gives Mr. Fantastic time to flex on camera, and confirms that yes, Iron Man's classic bucket-style armor will be making an appearance in the game.


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The cream of the videogame crop has been hand-picked to battle for your entertainment in our all-out, no holds barred, slug-fest of the best trailers and videos from this year's E3! 32 characters from the hottest, freshest franchises will be judged by you, the fans, and there can only be one winner. Who gets an extra life and who gets unplugged is up to you!

It's that time of year again--E3 is just around the corner and all of the publishers and developers will be showing off the big new games for 2013, 2014, and beyond. And we want to know which characters from the new and returning franchises have you most excited heading into the new console generation.

The MTV Multiplayer team has scoured the games that are coming soon to PCs, consoles, and handhelds, picking out the illest, most dangerous, or strangest characters that we think you might want to see more of. Now all you have to do is vote for your favorites.

Take a look at the brackets: we've got all manner of assassins, both of the high seas and high style variety (Edward Kenway, "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag," Mondo Zappa, "Killer is Dead"), a monster hunter on what could be his final journey (Geralt, "The Witcher 3"), a pair of wasteland explorers trying to survive a deadly fungus (Joel and Ellie, "The Last of Us,"), and a DC villain with plans to end the Batman once and for all (Black Mask, "Batman: Arkham Origins").

Voting for the first round starts... now. Hit the image at the top of this post (or click right HERE) and decide who's heading to round two.

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Ubisoft today confirmed that "Rayman Legends" will be coming to the PlayStation Vita. The game, which was originally planned as a Wii U exclusive, will release for Sony's handheld alongside the console versions in early September.


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Siliconera pointed to the super anime/manga crossover, which will bring together heroines from ten series in a strategy RPG for the PS3 and Vita.


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