The upcoming iOS game from L.A.-based mobile producer Moonshark (DancePad, Caveface) gets a behind-the-scenes video featuring Stan the Man screaming in a booth. You know, for VO.


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"Infinity Blade: Dungeons" turns the already popular iOS franchise into what could be the greatest dungeon-crawling, sword-fighting RPG a mobile platform has ever been graced with. Gamers have been eagerly awaiting the title's release since it was first revealed during Apple's iPad 3 announcement, but it still hasn't shown up. Worst of all, it looks like we'll be waiting even longer than anyone expected. Read More...

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Developed by CocoaChina's PunchBox Studios, "Pocket Climber" takes the endless-running action of games like "Temple Run" and "Subway Surfers" and drives it up the wall, literally. Players scale skyscrapers while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles on their fight to the top. Also, King Kong is probably going to stomp you out. Read More...

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Sonic, undeniably the world's favorite blue hedgehog, is best known for his amazing ability to run like the wind, but it turns out he's also got some mad jumping skills to show off. Recently revealed via Twitter, "Sonic Jump" hits the app store tomorrow and sees Sonic taking on badniks and Dr. Eggman in a very "Doodle Jump"-like fashion. Read More...

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Full disclosure: game developer Matt Burns is a friend and former co-worker, but when he passed along his latest project--the iOS release Starbloom--I thought his pulsing, rhythmic release Starbloom looked like just the thing to share after the hustle and bustle of New York Comic-Con.


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With Steven Spielberg's film hitting Blu-ray for the first time ever this week, mobile developer Chillingo wants you to enjoys the lovable extraterrestrial's adventures in gardening with E.T.: The Green Planet.


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"Breakout" was one of the earliest games created by Atari, first being introduced in 1976. Now, Atari and Zynga have joined forces to introduce "Super Bunny Breakout" for iOS, updating the classic game with modern visuals, a comical storyline and a main character named Rodney. Read More...

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According to the official website, Badland is an “atmospheric side-scrolling action adventure located in a gorgeous forest full of beautiful trees, flowers and various inhabitants of the forest.” There's also a bunch of scary looking booby traps that will cut the oddly shaped flying creature players control into a million gruesome pieces. Sounds fun, right? Read More...

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This super-quick trailer, found over at All Games Beta, tells you all you need to know about Crazy Taxi on iOS: it exists, is coming later this month to the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

From the sounds of that audio clip, the SEGA may have worked out the licensing issues that prevented the Offspring soundtrack from appearing in the much-maligned XBLA/PSN version of the game. This was one of the essential games for the Dreamcast and it's a shame that it hasn't really made the transition to the current generation in any way that people can get excited about.

No word on pricing or a firm release date, but with the month almost a third over, I'm guessing "soonish."

[Source(s): All Games Beta via Destructoid]

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Do you have the power? Are you ready to return to Eternia? Chillingo, Mattel and Glitchsoft are betting you are and He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe is going to put you to the test when it hits later this year, recapturing the 80s magic in an action-packed brawler for iOS! Read More...

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