Michael Jackson The Experience HD Launch Trailer

This rhythm game tribute to the King of Pop (I realize this is the first time I've ever called him that) is respectful without being all that much of a surprise in terms of what you might expect from the genre. It's a solid, if unspectacular, game that might scratch the rhythm game itch of some PS Vita owners.

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Harmonix and MTV Games showed off "The Beatles: Rock Band" in MTV's Times Square headquarters yesterday, and we thought it would make for a good opportunity to ask about the the oft-rumored, basically-confirmed-but-not-quite release of "Green Day: Rock Band."

Watch John Drake, a spokesman for Harmonix, deftly dodge the question, but it's pretty obvious that we'll be hearing about the game very soon.

In case you're outside the US and can't watch the video, here's the breakdown:

John Drake, Harmonix: We have some really great artists that we're working on a lot of fronts for "Rock Band" in the future and we're going to be talking more about that coming soon.

MTV Multiplayer: So nothing to say about "Green Day: Rock Band"?

John Drake: No, but Green Day's really, really great! Wouldn't you love to see Green Day in "Rock Band"? I would also love to see Green Day in "Rock Band"! Hopefully we'll have some official news soon! [coy smile]

Touché, Harmonix!

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FROM MTV NEWS: After a huge showing at E3, "The Beatles: Rock Band" came to MTV's headquarters in Times Square, letting employees check out the hotly anticipated rhythm game first-hand. John Drake, a spokesman for Harmonix (the developer behind "Rock Band") was on-hand to share the goods on the game.

" 'The Beatles: Rock Band' has 45 songs from the Beatles catalog and lets you enjoy all the great 'Rock Band' gameplay you've come to love from 'Rock Band' and 'Rock Band 2,' with the great songs of the Beatles," Drake said. "We've also added three-part vocal harmony and some really, really amazing visuals."

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While there's no official word (trust me, they're in the same building as me, I'd know), Billy Joe, the lead singer of Green Day, broke the news on Kevin and Bean's Breakfast radio show on KROQ 106.7 FM, that they're collaborating for a "Rock Band" game.

It would certainly explain the lack of playable Green Day songs in either "Rock Band" or "Guitar Hero."

Billy Joe had this to say about the game's potential release date:

"I'm not sure...soon. Like I think not this week, but this year soon...by the end of this year."

Hmm...vague. We'll be checking in with Harmonix to see if they've got some more specifics.

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We've been reporting live from the show floor at E3 all, week, and if you'd like to play catch-up, you can get all our E3 news stories right here.

If you're tight on time, though, why not fit in a week's worth of gaming insanity into a bite-sized video? It's called being productive!

Oh, it's also my very first on-air piece for MTV, so it's got that going for it, too!

See ya next year, E3!


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