We all know "Guitar Hero" is an awesome game. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you can play "Through the Fire and the Flames" on Expert -- if you pick up a real guitar, you’re lost.

On the other hand, "Master of Illusion" for the Nintendo DS will teach you a real-life skill... Magic! With the new Touch Generation title, you are doing real magic with real cards. MTV Multiplayer's Gerald Flannory took a short break from playing "Super Mario Galaxy" to see how one can become a "Master of Illusion," and in the process he dazzles co-worker Tracey John with his newly acquired talents.

"Rock Band" is in stores today. But what if you're like me, and you have no friends? You could try playing every instrument by yourself. See what a decade of trumpet-playing has taught me to do:

Or you could just play the solo tour on a single instrument. But that's the easy way out. If you think you can do better than me (you probably could), prove it.

Sure you could play "Magic the Gathering" and re-enact every battle that takes place, but that's too much work.

That's where "The Eye of Judgment" comes in. The first-ever game for the PlayStation Eye camera recently hit stores, and while we know some PS3 gamers would be interested, what about the hardcore card players?

We had video game host Blair Herter take the game to Jim Hanley's Universe, a local comic book shop, to have real card players pass judgment on the "Eye of Judgment":

Did you hear that "Super Mario Galaxy" has a two-player mode but that the two-player mode is kind of ... different? Here's how it works:

One of our readers recently asked me if "Super Mario Galaxy" bears any of the hallmarks of the Nintendo Tokyo development team's previous game, the eccentric "Donkey Kong Jungle Beat."

Yes, it does.

I want to show all of you a couple of the interesting worlds I found during my first four hours of playing "Galaxy," and, in the process show the game's "Jungle Beat"-ness. Both videos spoil early levels in the game. The second clip is after the jump.


Yesterday I provided world-exclusive impressions of the first three hours of the the next Nintendo-published Wii game, "Battalion Wars 2." Today, I've got video to show the game off and prove this wasn't one giant charade.

First I talk you through part of the game's fifth level -- the first mission with the series-debuting naval units.

Then I shut up and show some direct feed of another level. Click away so you can see it.

"World of Warcraft." It unites all kinds of folks... including singers of death metal bands.

A few months ago, I heard that the frontman of veteran metal outfit Cannibal Corpse was quite passionate about his love for the best-selling MMORPG (and his hatred of the in-game faction the Alliance). So when the Metal Blade Records 25th Anniversary Tour came to the tri-state area, I knew I had to try to talk to George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher about it firsthand (I was planning on going to the show anyway).Even as an experienced "World of Warcraft" player, I had a bit of trouble following his ramblings... but he was certainly fun to talk to. Later that night, he went on stage to belt out classic Cannibal Corpse songs such as "Vomit the Soul," "Hammer Smashed Face" and "Five Nails Through the Neck."

Desperate to take a break from reporting news about the Nintendo Media Summit, Multiplayer brings you two "Rock Band" posts back-to-back today. The focus is: drumming

For those about to rock, we school you.

With "Rock Band" coming out soon it's got a lot of gamers thinking about storage solutions. Where am I going to fit the drum kit? How compact does it get? How quickly can I get a last minute jam session started? Do I have the mental capacity to put this thing together?Well, Multiplayer is here to set you mind at ease with this video demonstration of the disassembly and assembly of the "Rock Band" drum kit. (Kinda like our "Guitar Hero" thing, remember?)

mario_281×211.jpgSure, you could read my minute-by-minute breakdown of "Super Mario Galaxy" and pick up all kinds of tidbits about the game's controls, difficulty, the thing that was removed from the game since E3 and even the best way to cheat when playing the game.

But you could also watch this video. Four and a half minutes of two areas I don't think you've seen before. It's narrated by Nate Bihldorff, one of the top writers at Nintendo of America and a frequent interview subject of mine (another one coming later today!).

If you don't want to have too much spoiled, but you want to see the most impressive Mario jump I've ever witnessed performed without computer enhancements, cue this footage to 3:00 (or 1:33 to go, as it were).

For those of you wondering what the deal is with my "Ratchet and Clank" comment, brush up over here. And don't worry, Nate can take it. So can Miyamoto and Nintendo Tokyo, the studio making the game.For a little extra, check out a "Galaxy" bonus clip in part two.

Nintendo is only permitting the media to show just under five minutes of each game featured at the company's recent media summit that I attended in San Francisco. That's partially why I'm writing so many words about it. Still, with last week's "Smash Brothers" controller tutorial clips and today's "Galaxy" clips, you're getting to see some good stuff.

Hit the part one of today's "Galaxy" material to see a substantial section of the game. Click the video here, however, to see one of the more mind-bending sections. Just to set this up, the game is being demonstrated by Nintendo's Nate Bihldorff. I'm supposed to be helping him with a co-op assist. That means I should be using my Wii remote to wand over stars and to shoot those stars at enemies.

That's not quite what happens:

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