The online video showcase from Machinima and iam8bit kicks off in L.A. the weekend of November 24 and is opening up a competition to offer a development deal to four talented creators.


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Who is the man, who'd risk his voxel neck for his brother man? Mineshaft!

The animated fan film premieres today on Machinima, and you can check it out after the jump.


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Beginning next year, Adhesive Games' gloriously good looking mech combat game will be getting a pretty spiffy-looking live-action web series from Warner Premiere and DJ2 Entertainment. The series stars Edi Gathegi, Gonzalo Menendez, Dameon Clark, and Hannah Hall, and is directed by Gears of War art director Jeremiah O'Flaherty, his first live-action credit.

Based on the trailer, it looks like a squad of mech pilots will be tasked with seeking out a missing VIP who has the secret to curing the Hawken virus which has decimated the planet with crystalline structures.

The Hawken web series will debut on Machinima's YouTube channel in 2013.

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The machinima series gets the Lord of the Rings actor as its YouTube channel crosses a cool billion viewers.

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Mass EffectIn July, several gaming outlets reported on a demo of BioWare and Microsoft's epic sci-fi role-playing-game "Mass Effect" that left onlookers stunned.

It was an interactive story sequence featuring a major supporting character and the game's hero. IGN wrote:

Wrex is a Krogan, a powerful race on the verge of extinction. A few hours after joining up with your party, Wrex and our hero, Commander Shepard, have a disagreement. The potential results of this conflict left everyone in the room stunned. If we ever had doubt about Mass Effect, it was wiped away at E3.

To illustrate a piece I just did for MTV about how BioWare gave such scenes their cinematic punch -- which basically involves the Canadian studio's clever decision to hire some of the world's best machinima-makers -- Microsoft is allowing me to be the first to air that scene.

Watched it once? Good. Now read on to sea how BioWare lead cinematic director Ken Thain explain his thinking behind the scene's key shots. Read More...

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