One of the less likely spin-offs to the "Lego" video game series is coming to major platforms this fall. Read More...

Earlier this week, gaming blog Kotaku reported that a preliminary slide from a "Rock Band" developer's Game Developers Conference presentation included a reference to an upcoming "Lego Rock Band" game. Since then, people -- including me -- have wondered what in the world a "Lego Rock Band" game would even be like.  Yesterday, a spokesperson for "Rock Band" declined to comment to me on this rumor. If we ever get more word about what happened here, we'll let you know.

The creative director of upcoming MMO "LEGO Universe" talked about finding the "secret sauce" of TT Games' titles and how they're talking about working collaboratively in the future. Read More...

The project lead on "LEGO Universe" talked about the company's plans on developing the game for consoles. He also said that although the LEGO MMO won't be out this year, we can expect other LEGO titles in the interim. Read More...

Although LEGO just announced that their upcoming MMO "LEGO Universe" won't be released until after 2009, they did give us a few new pieces of concept art as a consolation. We've also got an exclusive shot of the game's ninjas. That's right -- ninjas! Read More...

The makers of the upcoming LEGO MMO "LEGO Universe" told MTV Multiplayer that the game will be delayed until after 2009 due to other new product lines launching this year. Read More...

nullFROM SPLASHPAGE: Based on the award-winning, best-selling “LEGO Batman” video game released earlier this year, “Gotham City Games” will offer 16 mini-games that take players deep inside Wayne Manor.

Read more about "Lego Batman" on the iPhone at

Dying in video games, like in real life, seems to be a natural part of the process. You play, therefore you die -- and you usually have to start over.

But does it have to be that way?

Not necessarily. I recently spoke to three developers who've all been making dying in games a little less painful. They explained to me why they're saying no to "game over" screens in their games and what they tell critics who claim they're making video games too easy.

So here's what the makers of "Mushroom Men," "LEGO Batman," and "Prince of Persia" had to say...

[Image: Michael Talbot]


While the last two Batman films have done well both critically and commercially, most of the previous games for the franchise haven't had as much luck, to put it nicely.

And even though this summer's "The Dark Knight" was one of the biggest movies in history, there hadn't even been a Batman game released this year until this week.

With "Lego Batman: The Videogame" is in stores this week, I spoke with the game's lead designer, Jonathan Smith, on Monday about his thoughts on transforming the iconic superhero into block form and how the caped crusader's sorry video game legacy and amazing movie did -- or didn't -- shape his team's game.

(And, no, Smith can't talk to us about why there's no "Dark Knight" game, rumored or otherwise. What "Dark Knight" game?) Read More...

On Monday, Tracey John discovered TT Games has an in-house rule about what games get the small block treatment: the properties have to be age-rated for young players.

One might argue the "Indiana Jones" series and the "Batman" franchise have their fair share of content targeted at someone other than kids (i.e. the pencil trick from this summer's "The Dark Knight"). But we understand what the TT Games people mean.

With that in mind, we can deduce what franchises might not ever get the "LEGO" treatment. Here's a few we came up with:

"Night of the Living Dead"
"Grand Theft Auto"
"The Terminator"
"Alien vs. Predator"
"The Matrix"

None of those are kid-targeted, per se, but they certainly appeal to kids. I should know. I was watching some of those when I was "too young" for them. We'll have to wait and see where, when and how TT Games ultimately draws the line on what "LEGO" games they do and don't make -- but we know they're not making "Halo."

What other potentially awesome "LEGO" games will we miss out on, readers?

[Image Credit: Andrew Bell]

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