By Jeffrey Matulef

Award-winning documentary Indie Game: The Movie will be available to the public via digital distribution June 12, 2012 on iTunesSteam and at, where you can also pre-order the Blu-ray and DVD. The movie will be $9.99, with 10% off ($8.99) for pre-orders on Steam.


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What happens when a bunch of designers from around the world get to show off some of their new, innovative, or just out there ideas at GDC 2012 on the same stage where Flow and Katamari Damacy made their debuts?

Hit the jump to find out.

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The screenshot above may not make much sense to you, but trust me that it's from a game worth playing. "Dyson" is one of the Independent Games Festival finalists I was playing last night in preparation for a judging deadline next week. The game mixes flower pollination with interstellar armada combat, all within a simple interface. It has its flaws, but it's a must-try. And it's free. Offical "Dyson" site here.

Next: Guess who I'm playing "Resident Evil 5" co-op with this weekend.

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